LED also known as Light Emitting Diodes are the most widely used lights in present time. I am damn sure all of you have used or worked with a LED somehow. Especially when it comes to lighting a party or a large place, LED strip comes into action. However, can you control a LED strip with a toggle switch?

Yes, of course you can. You can simply connect a toggle switch in between the line or neutral wire of your LED strip to turn it on and off. In this case, the power supply can be a direct battery or a rectified AC supply.

Here in this article, I am going to start from the very basics as many of you are new learners. So, let’s make it flexible for everyone to digest. Do not miss any part of it if you are interested in making your own circuit.

How To Wire Led Strip Lights To A Toggle Switch

What Is A Led Strip?

LED strip is a number of LEDs mounted on a flexible circuit board or connected serially by wires that generally turn on and off together or simultaneously. The number of the LEDs mounted on the strip may vary according to the demand of purpose.

What Is A Led Strip?
Fig 1: LED Strip

The LEDs can be connected both in parallel and series. But it is recommended to connect them in parallel to keep the voltage equal in all the LEDs. The difference in connecting either way is similar to the differences in wiring outlets series vs parallel.

Purposes Of A LED Strip:

A LED strip is used for various reasons. Like-

  • Decoration purposes
  • Increase the intensity or luminouslity of the light
  • Inreasing the range of the LED
  • Used in the backlight of LCD television.

What Is A Toggle Switch?

A toggle switch is a mechanical switch that can work like an electrical switch. It is used to manually open or close an electrical circuit.

Toggle switches are common in home or office switchboards. I am sure you have seen such a switch somewhere. Many of you might have not known that the switch you were watching was a toggle switch.

Toggle Switch.
Fig 02: Toggle Switch.

The picture in fig 02 shows a single throw toggle switch. There are just two options in the switch.

In several toggle switch there can be more than one ‘ON’ position for different logics to be used by the same switch. In many cases we see 3-way switches. Those switches have two throws.

Fig 03: Different types of Toggle Switch according to working mechanism
Fig 03: Different types of Toggle Switch according to working mechanism

How To Wire LED Strip Lights To A Toggle Switch?

Wiring a toggle switch to a LED strip is same as wiring a light to a switch. Simply connect the power source’s line wire to the LED strip through a toggle switch in series to complete the circuit.

Most of you people have already started to think about the circuit in your head. Let’s see whether it matches with my one.

Circuit diagram of wiring LED strip to a toggle switch
Fig 04: Circuit diagram of wiring LED strip to a toggle switch

I have demonstrated the procedure through a basic circuit diagram. It’s very easy, right? I think there is no reason to describe it to you.

But there can be new people here who are new to electric circuits. So, for an easier understanding I am describing the steps for you.


  • First of all, collect the electrical items you need to complete the circuit. That is, a toggle switch, a LED strip, a batter and wires.
  • Connect the positive side of the battery to the positive side of the LED strip through the toggle switch as shown in the circuit diagram.
  • Connect the negative terminal of the battery directly to the negative side of the LED strip.

This is the simplest form of wiring a LED strip to a toggle switch. There are many other options for such wiring. Like- using a multiple throw toggle switch or a dimming module to make the LED lights dim.

Can You Wire LED Strip to A Switch?

Yes, you can wire a LED strip to a switch. The switch can be a toggle switch as described in this article, or it can be any kind of electric switches also. In fact, the switches ultimately serve the same purpose.

You can use several types of switches for your LED strip. Like- push button, rocking switch, normal electric switch, toggle switch, electronic switch, electromagnetic switches etc.

Does Led Strip Has Defined Positive and Negative Terminals?

Yes, since a LED strip is a bunch of LEDs connected together in parallel, so, there is a matter of fixed polarity in the terminals. LED means Light Emitting Diodes. So, the basic working principle of a LED is like a diode which can establish one-way flow of electricity.

Thus, LED strip has fixed positive and negative terminals. To light the strip, you must connect the positive terminal of the strip to the positive terminal of the battery. And connect the negative terminal of the battery to the negative terminal of the strip.

Does The LED Strip Need A Negative Wire?

Yes, it needs a negative wire, to complete the circuit and start functioning it is a must for a LED strip to be connected to a negative terminal of the power source. Just as I said a little earlier, the negative terminal must be connected to the negative terminal of the power source.

You may face a situation where you may ask yourself why do LED lights stay on when switched off?

The answer can be found after a little diagnosis. But the most probable reason is that there might be a hot wire connected to your LED strip even after you switched off the power supply.

Since there is a fixed neutral terminal, the circuit easily gets completed.

How To Make Your LED Strip Dim Automatically?

To make your LED strip dim automatically you will be needing a dimmer module. A toggle switch is not enough to dim the LEDs automatically. In this case you have to follow the following steps:

  • Collect the devices- battery (power source), LED strip, dimmer module, toggle switch.
  • Connect the dimmer module to the battery using the positive and negative terminals.
  • Now connect the LED strip to the dimmer module through a toggle switch in the positive wire. The negative terminal of the LED strip will be directly connected to the dimmer module.


This article is based on the basics of toggle switch, LED strip and how to wire them together to form a circuit. So, you have the perfect opportunity to learn quite an overall basic about the electronic items. In addition, I have added some extra answers to some common questions.

If you want to learn how to wire your LED strip, then is article is the one you are looking for. You can find it entertaining to add a dimmer to your LED strip.

The system is also described in the FAQs section. So, why not give a practical effort to complete the experiment? It will be both fun and enlightening. You have the article as your manual. Good luck buddy!!

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