For ceiling use, canless recessed lightings are a new trend. A lot of folks get confused about picking these kinds of lights from Halo and Utilitech (as they are known as the best in this field)  

So, who is better in Halo vs Utilitech canless recessed lighting? Halo seems great thanks to its design, longevity, lighting, and safety against fire. Then again, the Utilitech is ideal for the price, brightness of light, and color temperature.

To find the frontrunner in the battle, keep on reading till the end!

Halo Vs Utilitech Can Less Recessed Lighting

Comparing Halo Vs Utilitech Canless Recessed Lighting!

To decide between these 2 canless recessed lightings, here are the differences. Look below and know the winner at the end:

Easy To Setup

Both lights are simple to use but one seems puzzling to install in the ceiling, wall, and so on location. It’s due to the wiring harness and unclear instructions in the manual.

The Halo canless recessed lights are straightforward to install (takes only 5 minutes) in any location thanks to the 2 wires. On the other hand, the Utilitech canless recessed lights are a little tough to set up (takes only 10 – 15 minutes).

Not only the installation steps, but the removal procedure is also tough. Check how to remove recessed lights if you are interested!

  • Winner: Halo

Price Point

If thinking about the price tag of each recessed light, Halo and Utilitech offer diverse cost ranges. Most of the time, the Halo (only the part) will cost you less than $21 to $150. 

Then again, the Utilitech canless recessed lights are up to $13 to $140 in price tag. That makes the Utilitech one of the most affordable options in the store.

  • Winner: Utilitech

Color Temperature

To compare the color temperature of both lights, you’ll find the Utilitech perform better than the Halo. This can be defined if you look at both of them side by side.

Halo recessed lights are 3,000 – 5,000 kelvins in color temperature. Plus, I find the lights a little yellowish in dim lighting settings.

Conversely, Utilitech recessed lights are 2,700 – 6,500 kelvins in color temperature. And these are whitish in dim lighting settings. 

  • Winner: Utilitech

Brightness Level

The brightness of both canless recessed lights is diverse if you see them in real life. Halo lights are around 600 – 900 lumens in brightness level. Meaning you’ll find a low beam that is enough for night use.

Alternatively, Utilitech lights are 650 – 850 lumens in brightness level which means you’ll get more lighting than the Halo items.

  • Winner: Utilitech


In terms of longevity, these 2 lights stand for a diverse period. To put it clearly, the Halo canless recessed lights can last longer than 50,000 hours even if you use them daily.

In contrast, Utilitech mostly has 35,000 hours of lifespan. Some of the canless recessed lights can last more than that.

  • Winner: Halo

Safety Rating

The safety rating does matter when it comes to the lighting factors. And, both Halo and Utilitech perform great without missing the protection.

To know which one is safer than the other, you will look into the rating type. Halo recessed lights are listed in UL (a better safety standard worldwide).

It checks out the overall resistance to entry attempts, check fire tolerance, and other serious tests to call one safe. Oppositely, the recessed lights of Utilitech are ETL listed which is a lower testing field than the UL.

  • Winner: Halo

Are Canless Lights Better Than Can Lights?

It’s easy to figure out if canless lights are better or not if putting them side by side. Let me show you why canless lights are better than can lights:

Are Canless Lights Better Than Can Lights
  • Can lights be longer than canless lights. Meaning you can’t fit can lights if the ceiling is shallow (while it’s possible with canless lights).
  • All the canless lights are safe to use thanks to the fire rating and other ratings. There are some can light that aren’t fire-rated (meaning one can face safety issues).
  • How about aesthetics? The can lights are a better choice than canless lights (since their expose part can ruin the beauty of the house).
  • Can lights use incandescent (or halogen) bulb that tends to get hot easily. In contrast, the canless lights use LED bulb that doesn’t get hot.
  • Canless lights are energy-efficient while can lights tend to use more power to run. Meaning less electricity bill with canless light.
  • If talking about lifespan, the canless lights will do greater than the can lights since LED last 50x longer than incandescent (or halogen).
  • Can lights need more time to install while the canless lights seem easier to set up.
  • Canless lights are more inexpensive than can lights.

Ending Notes

In the argument of the Halo vs Utilitech canless recessed lighting, you are the one who can decide the winner based on a particular matter.

If you prefer budget-friendly lighting that is bright in beam and great in color temperature, then go with the Utilitech.

But then, if you want to confirm safety, lifespan, good lighting (not the best or worst), and easy-to-install type lighting, then choose the halo.

Hope you find this guide detailed enough to make a good choice. Best Of Luck!

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