If you’re into decorating your room with flashy lights and filling it up with colors, then there’s a good chance that you are familiar with LED bulbs. They are extremely energy efficient and ensure that they won’t rack up a high electricity bill.

However, you might experience issues with them shutting down sometimes and might wonder; Why do LED lights stay on when switched off? Our article will take you through a number of possibilities and help you make sense of the situation.

Why Do LED Lights Stay On When Switched Off

LED Lights Glow Dim When Switched Off | The Common Reasons

Is it normal for LED lights to glow when off? No, it isn’t. It happens only if they are dealing with poor-quality models or cheap options. The use of low-quality materials often causes it to function poorly and not turn off completely. So, the first step towards avoiding this situation is to go for branded options over bootleg copies.

Below are a few reasons behind LED lights staying on even after it was turned on. Go through them to understand the common scenarios in which you might face this problem.

Poor Quality

Currently, there are a lot of different options and models for LED lights. Sadly, a lot of them struggle with quality control, and therefore they tend to perform poorly. There’s a high chance that these variations lack voltage control and consume electricity unnecessarily.

Regular Functionality

Even the best LED lights might have a minor afterglow even after being shut down. That’s just how they function typically. Bulbs of this kind seem to have a more significant resistance which influences the power supply. Therefore, they tend to latch to the circuit even after being shut off and draw power from them, causing them to have a weak glow.

Problematic Circuitry

Sometimes the electricity circuit in your house might be the reason behind the LED lights acting up and malfunctioning. If your electric wiring isn’t up to the mark or lacks responsiveness, then it causes electricity residue to pass through the bulbs even after they are switched off.

One of the common reasons behind electric circuits underperforming is an issue with the earth wire. If they have unusually high resistance, then there’s a chance that they will influence the lighting in your home. There’s also the possibility that you haven’t banded the neutral wire properly to the soil, causing similar issues.

How To Stop Led Strip Lights Glowing When Off

How To Stop Led Strip Lights Glowing When Off

At this point, you might be wondering, “How do I stop my LED Lights from glowing?” Well, the following are popular options to help you do just that.

Getting a Replacement

The most common solution to taking care of LED lights acting out is to simply replace them. It’s the easiest one among the existing solutions, and it’ll put a quick end to the issue. For starters, the replacement should be an upgrade in comparison to the previous one. Items from recognized brands will easily fit the bill in this regard.

Fixing the Wiring

Another more comprehensive solution that can solve this issue while upgrading your house is solving the wiring conditions. It will also fix the overall health of your other electronic devices too. Be sure to get a professional electrician on board when taking this step. Wires can be extremely sensitive, and expert touch is pivotal.


It’s often difficult to separate an original light from a cheap copy due to how similar the replication can be. Thus, it’s okay to ask yourself; Why do LED lights stay on when switched off? Now, you are well aware of all the possibilities that this situation can entail and are fully familiar with its solutions.

In the future, you won’t get fazed if you see a warm afterglow emitting from your LED light. A few simple steps and you’re lighting conditions will be better than ever, and you can restore the vibe in your room with ease.

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