Wiring Solver About us

Who are we?

They say “wiring is never handy!” Well, wiring is handy, only if you’ve got the right hands! You can be a complete newbie or a vastly knowledgeable professional-can you deny that you’ve never made mistakes in wiring? Oh, none can!

So can’t we! We are an assembly of electricians, DIY homeowners, and just your next-door guy who faces the identical wiring problems as yours! From installing new wiring to knowing the details of the circuit- we can tell you all! 

What we do is solve the wiring issues on our own. And we note it down! We note it for you. If you ever confront the same problem, you can make it work!

How can we help?

As we said, the wiring will only be easy if your hands do the right thing. And who’ll help you decide what’s right? Us! We will tell you how to do it. Here, we will be providing you every detail of the wiring you need.

From the difference between cable and wire to the cable-sheath color coding, labeling to wire color-coding, details on wire sizes to the types, from low-voltage wiring to phone and data wire details- we have everything for you.

We will cover switched to distribution boards, light fittings to sockets-and soon, you will know everything you need to know about wiring! All the facts to figures, data, and diagrams will help you design, install and fix the wiring issues of your house and not to mention- WITH SAFETY!

What do we deal with?

You already know we deal with electrical wiring systems. They say knowledge is power, and we believe in giving all we have. Why would you waste your money on professionals when you can be one!

We discuss all five categories of electric wiring systems including Cleat Wiring, Casing Wiring, Concealed Wiring, Batten Wiring, and Conduit Wiring.

The very basic safety steps like when to choose weatherproof cables to the minor details like which sized screws and wrench you should get- we are professional enough not to miss any detail.

Our Promise

You can study us to learn easy stuff like how you can count the number of circuit breakers in a panel board. And then, you can also acquire knowledge about series inductors calculators here!

We are momentously charmed to break it before you that we also recommend which product will fit you best in circumstances when you are confused! In short, from information to suggestion-we are promised to stay by your side!

You can’t make wiring handy if you don’t hold hands! Yes, we vouch for us-hold our hands, when you are under the wire, WiringSolver can help you out!

if you have any queries or suggestions, please contact us here