Flush mount ceiling lights are a popular item in many households due to their power efficiency and due to how much less space they take up. However, due to their method of installation, people unfamiliar might find it difficult to change it when the bulb loses its power.

Not knowing how to change bulb in flush mount ceiling light properly can cause frustration, and you might damage something. So, in this article, we’ll show the steps for how to remove LED flush mount ceiling light and then replace them.

How To Change Bulb in Flush Mount Ceiling Light?

What Is A Flush Mount Ceiling Light?

Flush mount simply refers to light or fan that sits directly against the ceiling. No rod is used to hold the light or fan down, thus saving a lot of vertical places. Often many houses tend to convert downrod ceiling fan to flush mount ceiling lights or fans to save space.

They also see a lot of use in hallways or corridors and often as great décor. Depending on the type of house, you may need to know how to cut plastic ceiling light panels to help with flush mount ceiling light installation.

These ceiling lights have a light coverage which you will need to remove the cover before you can access the bulb. Often the difficult part of the changing procedure is removing the light cover itself, and the method itself can differ between models.

What Do You Need To Change A Flush Mount Ceiling Light?

To change led bulb in flush mount ceiling light, you will need a few things. These include:

A Ladder Or Stepladder

Due to how flush mounts work, they are often placed higher up and not always easy to reach. So you will often need a ladder to properly reach up to the light cover. Make sure you have the properly sized ladder and that it is stable. This helps make the changing procedure much easier and smoother.


One particular way that light covers are attached is by using screws on the side. You will require a screwdriver of the appropriate size and shape to unscrew them and be able to take out the screws. Although there are other ways to attach a light cover, depending on your flush mount light, you won’t always need a screwdriver.

Duct Tape

While not always needed, duct tape can be used to wrap around the light bulb. This makes the unscrewing process much safer and easier to do since it gives you a solid grip on the bulb while also protecting your hand.

How To Change LED Bulb In Flush Mount Ceiling Light

There are different ways to remove the light cover of your flush mount light, and it primarily depends on what method is used to attach it. Remember to always turn off the lights and wait 10 minutes for the bulb to cool off before you attempt to change it. Three methods primarily exist, and they are:

type of flush mount ceiling light

Screw Mounted Light Cover

This light cover is characterized by 4 screws that attach it to the ceiling. You will require a screwdriver to loosen the screws. While loosening the screws, make sure you hold the dome or cover it up with one hand to ensure it does not fall. After unscrewing all the screws, hold the light cover with both hands and slowly place it down.

Notched Light Covers

These don’t feature screws but instead have a notch mechanism that, when pressed, will allow you to twist the cover off. They are the easiest types of light covers to remove, with the only difficulty being in locating the notch. Most of the notches are located at the top of the light cover, close to the ceiling.

Spring Loaded Covers

Some light covers are held by a frame that is attached via springs and clips. The clips may be recessed clips which might make it difficult as you will need to know how to remove recessed lighting clips.

Squeezing the clips on the sides will loosen the ring. Pull the ring down, and you should be able to spot the springs, which you can then remove the clips from. After this, the light cover can be removed, exposing the bulb.

After removing the cover, you can wrap duct tape around the light bulb and then unscrew it. You can then screw in the new light bulb and put back the light cover.

How to change the light bulb in a flush mount fixture.


After reading this article, you should have a better understanding of how to change bulb in flush mount ceiling light. Once you’ve understood how to remove the light cover, the rest is quite easy. Remember to take precautions and use a ladder to reach the bulb if needed.

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