When you attach light fixtures, you might consider using light panels along with them. Light panels help to better spread out the light across a room and make it more uniform. If you want to change bulb in flush mount ceiling, you may need to cut the panels to gain access to it.

With the right materials and tools, you too can make your light panels for use at your home. In this article, we’ll teach you how to cut plastic ceiling light panels. We’ll also include the tools necessary for this task.

How To Cut Plastic Ceiling Light Panels?

What Type Of Plastic Ceiling Light Panels To Use?

There are a few options you have available to you, but the most common type of plastic panels you’ll use are acrylic panels. They allow for better distribution of light and also look good in most homes. These types of panels are also much easier to work with.

In this guide, we’ll primarily show you how to cut prismatic acrylic lighting panels. However, most of this advice can apply to other types of panels, and you can properly install panels even if you have a flush mount ceiling fan.

Tools Needed To Cut Plastic Ceiling Light Panels

Next, we’ll list the tools you will need to cut these panels. These include:

1. Work Gloves And Safety Goggles

You will need gloves and safety goggles as they ensure your safety. Gloves protect your hands during the cutting process while safety goggles protect your eyes from any plastic shavings.

2. Pencil Or Marker

A pencil or marker is needed to properly mark or point the part of the panel to be cut of. If your pencil does not leave a prominent mark, you can opt to use a marker for a clearer indicator.

3. Measuring Tape

To properly measure the dimensions you need to cut out, you will need a measuring tape. While you can opt to use a measuring scale, the tape is much easier to work with and is flexible.

4. Exacto Knife Or Saw

For light panels, you can use an Exacto knife to cut the panels apart. For sturdier panels, you can use a saw to cut through them easier but beware of plastic shavings.

5. Sandpaper

Sandpaper is required to smoothen out the edges after cutting the panels. This helps make them fit better during placement. Sanding is mandatory if you happen to use a saw.

How to Cut The Plastic Ceiling Light Panels

Here we will show how to cut plastic light cover sheets step-by-step. Follow these instructions carefully:

  1. First using your measuring tape or scale, measure the dimensions of the ceiling where you will place the panels. Note these dimensions down.
  2. Next, place the acrylic panel on a smooth surface so that it is easier to work with. Put on necessary safety equipment and get your working equipment ready.
  3. Using a pencil or marker, follow the noted dimensions and mark the points to be cut.
  4. Now trace out the lines with the knife or saw while making sure you have firmly grasped the plastic with the other hand.
  5. After tracing it out, make a swift pull motion to separate the panel.
  6. Smoothen out any rough edges on the plastic with sandpaper.
  7. You can now place this panel on the ceiling. To cut another panel, you need to repeat these steps.

Ceiling Panels For Different Types Of Ceilings

Some people enquire about ceiling panels and how they work for different ceilings, and what to do for ceiling fans. In the case of flush mount vs downrod ceiling fans, it is easier to cut and install panels for flush mounts since they are recessed. For downrods, you will need to consider the rod when mapping out the panel.


After reading this, you should now have a better idea of how to cut plastic ceiling light panels. The measuring and planning procedure is the most important stage. As long as you have the right knife or saw, cutting the plastic should prove easy enough.

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