If you own ceiling fans with lights, you should know the struggle of having to replace the light bulbs now and then. But if you want to learn how to change light bulb in Hampton Bay ceiling fan easily, we can help.

Hampton bay ceiling fans with lights have two different types of light fixtures: the open shade light fixture and the closed (globe) shade. We will be guiding you throughout the process of how to replace light bulbs for both types of light fixtures.

hoe to Change Light Bulb in Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan

What You Will Need For the Light Bulb Replacement

For successfully changing the light bulb from your Hampton Bay ceiling fans, you will need to have some items right at your disposal.

Firstly, you will need a ladder so you can reach the fan and change the lights. You must ensure that the ladder is stable and can take your weight comfortably so you don’t fall and get injured. If you don’t have a ladder, then you can use a tool that is high enough but make sure it’s sturdy.

When replacing the light bulbs, you will have to screw and unscrew some things, so having a good screwdriver is an absolute must. For safety reasons, you should also wear gloves throughout the process. The gloves will protect your hands from any cuts in case the light bulb or cover breaks.

Lastly, keep your new light fixtures right by your side to make the process quicker and easier.

How to Change Light Bulb in Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan with Open Shade

Replacing light bulbs of the Hampton Bay ceiling fan lights with open shade is very easy. You will have to follow only a few steps to complete the job, and the best thing is it will take you very little time.

Step 1: Turn Off the Fan and the Lights

When you are working on any electrical appliances, you should always turn the power off before you start getting into work. Not turning the power off will put you at risk of getting an electric shock which could be very dangerous. You could watch a guide on how do you reset a ceiling fan if you don’t know how to do it correctly.

Step 2: Set Your Ladder and Wear Your Gloves

As we have said before, you must use a sturdy ladder for this process. Set the ladder at a position where you think it will be easy for you to get hold of the light bulbs on the ceiling fan. Stand on the step that will put you at the right height for carrying out the replacement comfortably.

Don’t forget to wear your gloves before you begin with the replacement. You don’t want chunks of broken glass to cut into your skin.

Step 3: Remove the Dead Bulb

Since in an open shade, you can easily access the light bulb, you don’t have to remove the shade. Firstly, you will hold the dead bulb and start twisting it slowly to the left, and it should easily come out. Do not put a lot of pressure when you are rotating the bulb, or else it might break whilst it is inside the light fixture.

Step 4: Install the New Light Bulb

After you have removed the dead bulb, remove any dust that might be in the fixture. Then, take your new light bulb and start rotating it gently to the left till it feels stable and secure. Then you are pretty much done.

Install the New Light Bulb in Hampton Bay ceiling fan

Step 5: Switch on the Lights to See if they Work

For the last step, just switch on the ceiling fan lights to see if they are working properly or not. If the lights turn on and seem fine, then you’ve done the job successfully!

How to Change Light Bulbs in Ceiling Fan Hampton Bay with a Closed (Globe) Shade

All the steps of replacing the light bulbs for the open shade apply to the closed shade as well. However, there are a few extra steps that you have to take with the closed shade because of the cover of the light fixture. So, you could think of this section as a tutorial on Hampton Bay ceiling fan light cover replacement. If you know how to remove LED flush mount ceiling lights, then this will be easier for you.

With the closed shade, after you get up on your ladder, you will have to take your screwdriver and unscrew the screws that hold the cover in place. When you are removing the screws, keep one hand underneath the cover so it doesn’t fall, or you could also get someone to help you out.

Then replace the light bulbs as you’ve seen in steps 3 and 4. Then, take a dry and clean towel to take off any dust from the light cover. After that, put the light cover in place and screw the screws back on tightly. Lastly, turn the lights on to see if they are working.


We have tried to be as comprehensive as possible for our tutorial on how to change light bulb in ceiling fan Hampton Bay. The process is quite simple, as you’ve seen from this article, so there’s no reason you’ll make mistakes if you follow our guide!

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