Ceiling fans have medium range power consumption about 80 watts. The power consumption rises with the speed of its rotating speed. Generally, in a room there can be a limitation of current usage which can be about 15 amps. So, how many ceiling fans can you run in a 15 amps circuit?

If you are only connecting fans in such a circuit with no other appliances, then you can run about 18 fans with an average rating of 80 watts. If there are other appliances wired in the same circuit, then you will be able to run fewer fans.

Now having said the number of fans you can run in a single circuit, you should also know how to calculate this number. Yes, I am going to show you how to do it all by yourself.


What Is The Power Consumption Of A Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling fan is a single phase induction motor. In general, ceiling fans have a power rating of about 80 watts. It runs on 120 V or 240 V depending on the power source of a country. In America it has a rated voltage of 120 Volts at 60 Hertz frequency.

Well, the power rating I am talking about is actually the maximum rated power of a ceiling fan. But we all know the speed of a fan can be controlled by a regulator. So, when the fan runs in a lower speed, the power consumption is lesser than the power consumption in higher speeds.

How Many Ceiling Fans Can You Run On A 15 Amps Circuit All At Once?


If you are talking about only running fans all at once you can run about 18 fans assuming each of them has an average power rating of 80 watts. But if there are also lights or other appliances running, the number of fans will be less. Let me elaborate this for you.

A 15 amperes circuit means, the circuit can pass a maximum of 15 amperes. If there is a current flow that exceeds 15 amperes, the circuit will be tripped off.

This is the characteristic of a circuit breaker. So, the maximum power capacity of a 15 amperes circuit at 120 volts is 1800 watts. To see more about it check how many watts can a 15 amp breaker handle?

Though the maximum power capacity is 1800 watts, there is a saying you should limit the power to 80 percent of the maximum power. So, that rounds up to 1440 watts. This is power we are going to take while calculating.

Now, at first let’s think of only ceiling fans running in the circuit. Each of them is rated 80 watts. So, you can run a total of 18 fans.

If there are 10 lights running and each rated 25 watts. Then the power consumption of the lights will be 250 watts.

The remaining 1190 watts will be used to run fans. Then the number of fans will be 14. This way you can count how many ceiling fans you can run at once.

What Happens If You Overload On A 15 Amps Circuit?

If you connect more fans than it can handle, I mean if the amount of fan you are running is about to draw more than 15 amps current, the circuit will be tripped off. And you cannot start the circuit again until the load is brought under the overload level.

A circuit breaker serves as a protector of the circuit by limiting current flow. The rating of the breaker is chosen in a way so that the wires used in the circuit are not overloaded. Thus, it saves the circuit from getting damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

This article is based on a very basic electrical principle. So, it is normal to have a lot of questions regarding the topic. Let’s look into some related questions that you often come to your mind.

1. Can Two Ceiling Fans Be On The Same Circuit?

Of course, not only two but also more than two fans can be on the same circuit. As long as the circuit is not overloaded, you can connect a lot of fans in the same circuit.

2. How Many Amperes Does A Ceiling Fan Use?

This is a very good question. If the rated power of a fan is 80 watt, it uses a maximum of 0.67 amps. The rated power is divided by the rated voltage to get the amperes of a device. The amount of amperes can vary from fan to fan.

A fan can run in variable speed. The current consumption increases with the increase in rotating speed. The ampere stated above is the maximum current flow for that specific fan.

3. What Types Of Circuit Breakers Are Used For Home Appliances?

For domestic use low voltage circuit breakers are used. Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB), Molded Cage Circuit Breaker (MCCB) and Residential Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) are the ones that are used in homes or offices.


This article is going to be very handy for the people who want to learn some basic electrical principles. These principles are very important whenever you are going to work with circuit breakers or your daily appliances. The calculation will help you to learn something that will help you to carry out a lot of complexions.

So, now you know how many fans you can use in a 15 amps circuit. Even if you have to face a different rated circuit someday, I am sure you can solve it yourself to estimate what types of appliances you can connect and how many of them.

You can learn more on this site. Check out some related electrical based articles like – Can you plug two surge protectors into the same outlet and UPS vs Surge protector… Good luck with your electrical studies and come back here for new articles. See you!!

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