Light fixtures come in different forms: recessed lighting, flush mount ceiling fans with lights, or just regular old light fixtures. As the lights brighten up a space, it also leaves a gaping hole in the ceiling, wall, or any surface mounted against it when it is removed.

Compared to any surface of a house, the ceiling is the hardest to reach and difficult to operate around. There is an easy way on how to fix hole in ceiling from light fixture. All you need are some tools and a can-do attitude. To know more about it, keep on reading!

How to Fix Hole in Ceiling from Light Fixture

How to Fix Hole in Ceiling from 2 Types Light Fixtures

Different light fixtures require different dimensions. Hence when you wonder how to fill a ceiling light hole, you have to analyze if the gap is small, medium-sized, or large. Light fixtures usually form medium-sized holes. However, flush mount ceiling fans with lights and recessed lighting leaves a rather larger gaping hole.

The difficult part is over when you have removed recessed lighting housing and a flush mount ceiling fan with lights. To fix the ceiling light hole, follow the steps mentioned below.

For Small and Medium-Sized Light Fixture Ceiling Holes:

Follow the steps to patch any small or medium-sized holes in the ceiling.

Step 1: Acquire the Tools and Take Safety Precautions

To patch any holes in the ceiling, you will be working with a joint compound, drywall, screw, utility knife, measuring tape, saw or putty knife, and pencil.

You have to gear up with goggles, face masks, and gloves to protect yourself from inhaling any dust or dodge any unwanted cuts. So make sure to acquire the necessary items and tools before you embark on the DIY-ing journey.

Step 2: Clean the Exposed Surface Area if You Spot Rubble

Using a home knife or utility knife, chip away any rubble, paper, or drywall collected around the hole. You have to do this so that the new drywall patch does not sit awkwardly in the ceiling, making it look out of place. Getting rid of such debris will allow your drywall to sit smoothly against your roof.

Step 3: Place the Drywall patch in the Hole

First, measure the size of the light fixture hole. After that, cut a piece of drywall repair patch to a size slightly larger than the dimensions you measured. Peel the drywall patch from the adhesive and carefully place it over to the light fixture gap.

Step 4: Apply a Thin Layer of Joint Compound Over the Drywall

A joint compound, popularly known as a drywall compound, has a thick consistency lathered over the drywall to form a smooth base. Hence, once you adhere to the drywall, lather some joint compound over the drywall with a knife to achieve a clean look. Moreover, this will allow paint and other interior papers to stick to the ceiling. Just like that, you know how to fill a ceiling light hole.

For Large Sized Light Fixture Ceiling Hole

These steps demonstrate how to fill a ceiling light hole for a large gap in the ceiling or adjust the size of the ceiling hole to include how to change the size of a ceiling light fixture hole. You will also find what to do if the hole is too small and the new light fixture does not cover the gap.

Step 1: Take safety precautions like wearing a dust mask, goggles, and gloves while working.

Step 2:  Gather your tools like pencil, drywall saw, knife, thin board strips, screws, and sandpaper.

Step 3: Take the dimensions of the gap and cut a piece of drywall repair patch to fit in the hole. Remember to make the drywall repair patch larger than the hole so that you can make essential adjustments.

Step 4: After taking the dimensions of the hole, take the dimensions of the light fixture to understand whether the light fixture does not cover the hole or whether it does fill the gap.

Step 5: Cut the necessary dimensions from the ceiling wall using a drywall saw.

Step 6: Cut two thin boards to size to fit perfectly into the ceiling hole. Then screw the boards into the ceiling with a drywall screw.

Step 7: Attach the drywall repair patch into the ceiling using a drywall screw.

Step 8:  Apply joint compound or spackle over the drywall repair patch and smooth it over with a knife to complete the task. This way, you can paint over the patch in the future.

Final Words

A gaping hole in the wall can be an eyesore or host unwanted creatures that you do not want in these holes.

Hence, it is vital to call a handyperson to take care of the problem at hand, or if you’re going to do it yourself, you ought to know how to do it. This comprehensive guide shows you how to fix a hole in the ceiling from light fixtures covering how to repair small, medium, or large-sized gaps. What’s the wait? Try repairing the holes that is needed!

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