Illumination of bulbs is a major topic which people look for to make a good choice. And, this matter brings the huge clash between LED vs regular bulbs. Now, are LED bulbs brighter than regular bulbs?

No matter if you are planning to replace the older bulbs on your ceiling fan or for other purposes, it’s essential to determine the lumen intensity based on the wattage. You can check how to remove plastic ceiling light cover if changing the older lights, by the way.

Returning to the main topic, spend a few minutes on this guide to find the brightest bulb between these two. Let’s Go!

Are LED Bulbs Brighter Than Regular Bulbs

So, Are LED Bulbs Brighter Than Regular Bulbs & Why?

Based on the luminous intensity, the LED bulbs illuminate at 170 lumens per watt which is brighter compared to regular bulbs.

To tell if the LED bulbs are brighter than standard lights, you need to check the lumen of them based on the power or wattage. And, this can’t be decided unless you know what is lumen or wattage.

Keep in mind the lumen is the only option that determines any bulb type’s brightness ability.

So, let’s first look into these before moving to the brightness ability of LED and regular bulbs.

  • The lumen is a SI metric system that determines the total unit of luminous flux. It is measured in Lux (a square meter). A simple calculation is higher lumen determines the better brightness of a bulb.
  • In the SI system, the unit of power is the wattage. It is calculated in (J) joules. If the wattage is higher, it means how much energy a bulb draws from the electrical supply line.

What Is the Brightness Of LED Bulbs & Regular Bulbs?

After learning about the lumen and wattage, look at the given regular bulb and LED brightness chart given below.

regular bulb and LED brightness chart
regular bulb and LED brightness chart

As you can see, it simply explains who’s the brighter by considering the power and intensity. In general, the regular bulb requires higher wattage to provide better brightness. On the other hand, the LED light needs less power to give higher brightness to a room.  

In fact, they have higher resistance which is the reason why do LED lights stay on, unlike regular bulbs. And so, the LED wins due to its brightness intensity. 

So, if you ask what type of light bulb is the brightest, the answer would be LED due to its efficiency which costs 5x less and only needs low power than the regular lights.

My Recommendation

  • Cotanic A15 Set is one of the finest LED bulbs that illuminate brightly at 600lm. The best part is its realistic lighting that ensures good contrast and brightness. And this one set contains 6 bulbs.
  • Then again, SHINESTAR LED Bulb Set is my favorite due to its excellent quality and pricing. not only does it provide white lighting but also ensures no dim or eye-pressure issue.

How To Calculate Lumens Per Watt? 

For novices who don’t know the right way to measure the lumens per watt, then just follow the given direction. 

Equation: Lumen / Wattage = Lumens Per Watt.

For example, 

If your LED bulb has 20 watts with 1600 lumen then, 

Lumens Per Watt = 1600 / 20

                              = 80 LM/W.

Then again, suppose your regular bulb consumes 100 watts with 1600 lumen then, 

Lumens Per Watt = 1600 / 100

                              = 16 LM/W.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between LED and incandescent light bulb?

The main comparison between them is the lifespan, power, and efficiency. To put it simply, the LED bulb lasts longer, spends less energy, and provides good lighting than the incandescent light.

2. Is it worth changing all bulbs to LED?

Nearly all experts suggest changing bulbs (standard, halogen, or incandescent lights) to LEDs or CFLs type. The reason is that the LED bulb lasting ability to show better lighting that spend less energy.

3. Do LEDs attract bugs?

No! As LED bulbs give less to no UV light or heat when turning on, they don’t attack bugs. Plus, they produce better wavelengths of light than other bulbs.  

Wrap Up

That was all which you should know to understand the topic. Still not sure are LED bulbs brighter than regular bulbs? Hope that’s not the case. Brightness is a vital factor that’ll help anyone to vision at night better.

When planning to switch to LED or regular bulbs, it’s wise to determine the watts and intensity. Also, check some queries which most people look for. 

Once you have decided which one is brighter than another, another thing to check might be when to use a double pole switch. See you soon again. Goodbye!

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