Fluorescent light sometimes fails to operate and shows red or low beaming that indicates something is wrong.

To fix the fluorescent light not working issue, there are a few things that you need to do. These include:

  1. Change the tube.
  2. Replace the starter.
  3. Change the ballast.
  4. Connect the switch wiring harness.
  5. Place the tube in the socket rightly.
  6. Install new switch.

In this guide, I’ll share the instruction for each method and give the causes so you can easily learn. Let’s Get Started!

Fluorescent Light Not Working

6 Reasons Your Fluorescent Light Is Not Working

No matter if it’s a new or old bulb, there are a couple of reasons why the fluorescent light fixture not working and showing weird behavior. It includes:

Cause #1: Burnt Or Melted Tube

Fluorescent light won’t turn on sometimes if the tube that holds the bulb melts or burns. It mostly happens when you insert a new bulb over the tube without considering the wattage and dimension stuff.

Cause #2: Defective Starter

If your new fluorescent bulbs not working while the tube and ballasts seem okay, then it’s perhaps occurring as the starter goes bad. In that case, you’ll see the light not beaming or sometimes showing dim-red light.

Cause #3: Faulty Ballast

Most of the time, the fluorescent light flickering or other issues occur when the ballasts go defective. You can easily guess it by smelling the scent of the light which will make the burning insulation odor.

Cause #4: Wiring Issue Of Switch

The fluorescent light not working but has power indicating that the issue is with the switch wiring’s loose connection. You’ll find a bad melting insulation smell from the switch of light in this kind of situation.

Cause #5: Tube Not Seated Properly

Like the “LED lights glow dim when switched off” issue, the fluorescent lights won’t work if the tube isn’t seated rightly. 

Cause #6: Defective Switch

The faulty switch can cause the power to not reach the fluorescent bulb. That results in the light not turning on as it’s not getting the electrical voltage from the power source through the switch.

Troubleshooting Fluorescent Lighting Issues!

To know how to fix the bugs of fluorescent light, you’ll need to get a new tube, starter, ballast, switch, and gears (wire cutter, stripper, and so on). Based on the causes, try the given solution:

Solution #1: Replace The Tube

  • Get a new fluorescent tube after checking the right dimension and wattage.
  • Turn off the switch.
  • Reach the top section using the ladder.
  • Take out the case of the bulb.
  • After the bulb gets cool, hold the light on one side and then pull it sideways so that the pin comes out from its place.
  • Next, drag the light on the other side and remove it.
  • Insert the new fluorescent light by doing the opposite of the removal procedure.
  • Turn the switch on and check if it’s solved or not.

Solution #2: Change The Starter

  • If the fluorescent light not working after changing bulbs, then turn off the switch.
  • Find the location of the starter which is mostly behind or mid-section of the fixing base.
  • After that, remove the case and fluorescent bulb (if needed).
  • Detach the starter by twisting it.
  • Insert a new starter in the same spot. Be sure to twist it correctly to fit.
  • Test it out.

Solution #3: Replace The Ballast

  • Take out the case using your hand.
  • Remove the fluorescent bulb.
  • Detach the ballast case using your hand or pry bar.
  • Separate all the wires from the old ballast and cut them using a wire cutter.
  • Remove the old one by removing the screws. 
  • Get a new ballast that matches your light like the Universal Lighting B234SR120M-A.
  • Install new ballast in the same spot.
  • Cut the extra surface of wires (new ballast) with the wire cutter. Stipe the wires of the new ballast to find the conductor part.
  • Connect all the wires by matching the color and twisting them. Then, tape the surface and secure the open surface with wire tubes.
  • Tuck away all the wires so that you can reinstall the ballast case.
  • Place the bulb and case into the spot.
  • Switch on the bulb and see if it works or not.

Solution #4: Connect The Switch’s Wires Correctly

  • Turn off the power source in the room.
  • Remove the plate of the switch using a pry bar or plain screwdriver.
  • Then, unbolt the screws using a screwdriver.
  • Separate the switch from the outlet box to discover the wire.
  • Check if the wires are placed correctly or not. If not, then tightly connect them.
  • Reinstall the switch in the outlet box. 
  • Put on the screws and tighten them out with the screwdriver.
  • Turn on the power source.
  • Insert the plate into the switch and check if it works or not.

Solution #5: Align The Tube In The Socket

  • Open the case of light using your hand. Be sure the switch is turned off.
  • Remove the bulb from the fixture base. First, misalign the tube from the socket and then do the same on the other side.
  • Reinstall the bulb into the fixture base in the proper way.
  • Put on the case of light.

Note: If the fluorescent light not lighting fully, then replace the tube by following Solution #1.

Solution #6: Replace The Switch

  • Take out the switch from the outlet box. Be sure to detach the plate and screws with a screwdriver.
  • Separate the wire from the outlet box and switch.
  • Remove the wire from the switch terminals. Be sure to remember, which wire goes on where. Try drawing the wire or maybe take a picture if you tend to forget easily.
  • Bring the new switch and insert all the wires through the terminals.
  • Align the switch to the outlet box.
  • Insert the screws and tighten them out.
  • Put it on the plate and test it out.

Overall Thoughts

Next time when you discover the fluorescent light not working, you will have the above mentioned 6 methods to refer to for solution. 

And, if nothing works despite you trying your best, consider changing the fixing base and fluorescent bulb. This would cost around $25 – $80 at max, but it would be better than further hassle.

Hope this helps you to know the exact cause and solve the problems you were facing. I will sign out for now with the promise to come back with a similar crucial matter soon!

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