So, you have stories to tell about the short circuit? Don’t we all? As much fun it is to talk about, it isn’t fun to suffer shirt circuit. And what is worse is when the circuit breaker fails from a constant short circuit.

Not only this, there are so many other reasons for your circuit breaker tripping. Finding out the reasons and learning how to prevent circuit breaker from tripping is your job as a homeowner! All we can do is tell you what to do!


Reasons and Prevention: Circuit Breaker Tripping

From a power strip tripping to an outlet not working- the circuit breaker can hit hard! Plugging in the laptop and not being able to charge it is worse. Here, we will discuss the major reasons and prevention of circuit breaker tripping!

1. Divide and Rule

Well, the most common reasons for a circuit breaker tripping are an overloaded circuit. Glass cannot carry water more than its depth. So, if you want to keep away the circuit breaker from tripping, again and again, the best thing you can do is to not overload the circuit.

When you pressurize one circuit or overload it, there’s a chance of tripping. But when you rely on splitting the electrical load the pressure gets split too. In this case, one circuit breaker will not bear the full load of the electricity or current flowing through. When you split the electrical load, there is less chance of overloading the breaker.

And finally, there will be less chance of circuit breaker tripping. At times, we often see that a specific circuit breaker trip or your power strip keeps tripping repeatedly.

Check the Appliances: In this case, the first thing you need to do is check the appliances you are using there. Unplugging some devices will surely help you out of saving your circuit breaker. Circuit breakers of some specific places like the kitchen or the washroom are more likely to trip or shut off.

If you are thinking about what causes a surge protector to trip in your kitchen or washroom- it’s plugging in a lot of devices that overload the breaker. And the breaker being unable to carry so many loads, it fails to work.

Keep in mind that one small single breaker won’t be able to take all the loads. Here, the key is to divide and rule! And in times of using a surge protector, check out how does a surge protector breaker work so you don’t fail it!

2. Update Old Electrical System

Another reason for circuit breaker tripping is the old electrical systems. These days, we do not use old electrical devices anymore. And with the devices, it’s necessary to bring change in the electrical system; otherwise, the coping mechanism won’t be there!

Firstly, now we use flat-screen smart TVs. From ovens to smart home devices, the necessity for new electrical appliances is increasing. On the other hand, PC, mobile and laptops are now personal objects. The more people in a house the more electrical devices. Some people think that surge protectors will keep their breakers from tripping.

Then why does my surge protector keep tripping– that’s the question. The fact is surge protector doesn’t keep the breaker from tripping! And when you are trying to use so many newly designed electric devices with the electrical system your grandpa built, how do you think it’s gonna work anyway?

The older houses of our grandpas are not designed to deal with the modern living demands. They are simply not equipped with such requirements we need these days. And this is why the circuit breaker cannot take the load and finally fails to work.

Well, to stop your circuit breaker to trip, in this case, we recommend you update the electrical system of your house. Also, learn about what not to plug into a surge protector to keep the electrical system safer for your family!

3. Install Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter or GFCI Outlet

If you have done a little research on electricity and the safety concerns, you will know about the GFCI outlet. The Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter is an appliance and it is made for detecting if there is too much current flow through the outlet. In short, when too much current will flow through an outlet, the job of the GFCI is to detect it.

Once it detects it, it will simply shut off the outlet automatically. At times, the surge protector tripping circuit breaker is common when you are blending juice in your blender! The higher risk areas when it comes to electricity flow are your washroom or the kitchen. And this device is incredible to safeguard you from accidents.

And besides, it will help you safeguard the circuit breaker too! Some circuits are vulnerable. As a result, they are not capable of carrying the same current as of the other circuit breaker.

  • If you have installed a GFCI outlet in your house, it will detect if the circuit breaker or the outlet is capable of carrying this much flow of current or not. And if it detects that it’s vulnerable, it will simply shut off the outlet.
  • Another fact is, the best it will keep the circuit active. It will only keep the current draw low if required. Finally, your house will be a safer place too!

So, where can you install the GFCI outlet? First of all, cover the kitchen and the bathrooms. Then go for the garage and pools. If there is a sink or a large appliance like the refrigerator- this is a must! To divide the current, if you plan to settle for a power strip, check out how many watts can a power strip handle first.

4. Short Circuit

There won’t be a person alive on this planet that hasn’t suffered or heard stories of short circuit. Though we know that it is very common among the users we don’t think about the danger it can bring with it. Do you know when does a short circuit occurs?

When one loose wire touches another wire or comes to direct contact with each other, a short circuit occurs. In the case of electric wires, the wires must maintain a specific distance from each other.

But when they are not maintaining the specific distance and touch each other, a short circuit occurs. And there can be bursts of electricity that you will feel coming through the breaker. And this is one of the vital reasons for tripping the circuit breaker.

But you cannot stop wires from loosening always. Over time, it will loosen a bit and there will be situations like this. You can’t always stop the mice to mess up with the wires, right? However, keep in mind that the wires can be loose in a switch and also in the appliance too.

In some cases, it can be loose in the electrical outlet. When you see your neighbor complaining- why does my breaker keep tripping with nothing plugged in, it’s simply a short circuit! Fixing this issue by you can be complicated.

  • One solution for this is hiring a professional to solve it! They can check the electrical wiring of the outlet, device, and switch and fix it for you.
  • In the case of the devices, you can fix it too. Check your device in some other outlet. If you see the same thing happening, open the device and work with the wires. Fix the loose wire and it will start working. Also, you won’t be facing the circuit breaker shutting off issue for your device anymore!

Wrap Up

No, we won’t tell you to be careful every day while using the outlets. The best thing you can do is when you do the electrical work of your house; you should get a look at the wirings properly. Also, you have to ensure that the necessary devices for the protection are installed correctly. Oh yes, forget the extra protection for the kitchen and bathroom!

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