Surge protectors are a very helpful electrical device that saves our appliances from power surges. These protectors can be found wired inside a power strip or an individual unit. They also have limitations when it comes to capacities. So, a legit question comes- can you plug two protectors into the same outlet?

Yes, you can. But you cannot exceed the capacities of any of the surge protectors. If you overload the strips while they are connected in the same outlet, there is a good chance of fire breakout. If the loads are low, then it is totally okay to plug two surge protectors into same outlet.

Plugging two protectors serially into one outlet is known as daisy-chaining. I am going to let you know more about the pros and cons of this in the following sections.

Can You Plug Two Surge Protectors Into Same Outlet

What Is A Daisy Chain?

When we connect power strips or extension cord one after another to prolong the length or increase the number of outlets, it is known as daisy chain. Connecting two surge protectors serially into one outlet is an example of daisy-chain.

Daisy chain gives us advantages; then again it can be dangerous too. The advantages are simple. By daisy-chaining surge protectors or power strips you can multiply the number of outlets.

Again, you can prolong the length or range of outlets or extension cords by simply daisy chaining them. But what are the disadvantages?

What Are The Disadvantages Of Daisy-Chain?

The main disadvantages are; exceeding current capacity and decrease in the voltage at receiving end. When a power strip or surge protector is plugged into a regular outlet, we find a lot of extra outlets to plug in our appliances.

So, if we plug several appliances into those outlets, it is normal that there are already a lot of loads.

Now, if we plug in another surge protector or power strip into the earlier one, the outlets will get even more multiplied. This will result in more loads if we plug more appliances in to the second strip.

Now, the main thing is, all these current is actually coming through the first strip. So, as we daisy chain, more current is drawn and when the capacity of the wire is exceeded it catches fire. The power strip can handle a limited amount of power. You may also read: How many watts can a power strip handle?

Another problem with daisy chain is the prolonged wire which reduces the voltage at the receiving end. This happens due to the extended wire resistance.

Can You Plug 2 Surge Protectors Into Same Outlet?

As I have already told, yes, you can plug two surge protectors into the same outlet. You have to daisy chain the surge protectors to do so. In this you must plug in light loads of appliance in to the strip to avoid disasters.

So, if you are plugging a lot of phone adapters or low power appliances in the surge protectors, it is totally ok to plug them in the same outlet.

If heavy loads are plugged into the outlets of the daisy-chained strips, there will be excessive current as described a while ago. This will result in disasters.

There is a solution to avoid this disaster. You can use a protective system like the one described below.


How Can I Plug Heavy Loads In The Surge Protectors Without Causing Accident?

By using proper circuit breakers, you can avoid these hazards. By the word “proper” I meant the required ampere rated circuit breaker.

Circuit breakers are a type of switchgear that trips a circuit when access current tries to pass through it. Using circuit breakers in each of the power strips of surge protector, the chance of over current flow can be solved.

Circuit breakers have a rated current, known as the tripping current. For example, the cable of your surge protector or power strip can handle up to 15 Amperes.

If you connect a 15 Amperes circuit breaker to the strip, it will cut off the circuit whenever there is an excess flow of current through the wires.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I always try to answer the questions that may come to your mind related to the article. I believe it helps you to think more about the topic. Here are some answers to the questions I have picked up for you.

1. Can You Plug A Surge Protector Into A Wall Tap?

Yes, you can. The surge protector will protect the appliances that you will connect to the wall tap through the protector. But you must look out to the overflow of current. Adding power strips with surge protector gives a lot of outlets to be plugged in with appliances.

Surge protectors can be found in the power strips. But there are also wall mount surge protectors. The wiring cable used in the back of the outlet has a certain current capacity. Make sure that the current flow does not exceed that capacity.

2. Is It Safe To Plug Two Surge Protectors Into The Same Outlet?

It is safe as long as the appliances plugged in are low load devices. If the devices draw a lot of current, then it can be a disaster if you plug too many of those into the outlets of the surge protector.

How do I know if my surge protector is overloaded?

Whenever there is an overload, the surge protector will become excessively hot. That is the moment you know it is overloaded.

Sometimes the load can be less but the surge protector can act not accordingly. Check if the surge protector is bad or not.

3. How Many Devices Can I Plug Into A Surge Protector?

The regular outlet has a current capacity of 15 Amperes. So, it is wise to plug the number of devices which will not exceed the current capacity of the wall outlet or the wire of the surge protector.


In this article, I have given a lot of information about the topic you are looking for. There are many related things that can come into your mind. I have taken them into account too. I am sure this will help you to clear any doubts or question you had in mind.

Finally, I would like to say, if you are going to connect two surge protectors into the same outlet, don’t forget to remember the things I have discussed here. Always know what you are doing. Come on man, it is electricity you are dealing with. A little precaution and knowledge will help you live. This article is the one you need to do that. Good luck!!

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