Learning the right size of wires to use a 200-amp service at a specific distance is an essential thing that can’t be skipped. Why? To avoid mishaps like short circuits or fires, it’s wise to have knowledge about this matter.

So, what size wire for 200 amp service 300 ft away? Since the service includes sun panel, circuit, and other stuff too, it can’t be explained in 2 lines. You got to be familiar with some stuff along with the wire size.  

If possible, check how many circuits can you pull in a 3/4 conduit for better ideas. Now, let’s move to the main topic…

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So, What Size Wire For 200 Amp Service 300 Ft Away Is Best?

In US households, the cooper wire size will be around 250-300 KCMil for 200-amp service for 300 feet away. On the other hand, the aluminum wire needs to be 400-500 KCMil.

If you are living in the United State, it’s compulsory to have an idea of NEC (National Electric Code). It is a US-based benchmark that gives code telling what size, number, and other factors related to electrical stuff for smaller or larger homes. 

This platform contains codes for sub penal, conductor, and circuit. Thinking of that, most users ask does a sub panel need a main breaker which seems confusing till today. So, ensure to gain knowledge of it if needed. 

Coming to the main point of this guide, the wire size is measured by Kcmil which is a modern method of describing the circular mils. 

FYI, 1 mil = 1/1000 inch.

And, the size of the wire can be described if you know its material, amperage service, distance, and phase. Before it gets confusing, here’s an explained the 200 amp service wire size chart at a 300 ft distance.

200 amp service wire size chart at a 300 ft distance

I will explain what do these KCMil means in a different way along with the material matter to give a realistic idea of the wire sizing gauge down below.

But pause for a while. Have you got the 200-amp service wire? In case you are planning to get that, then try to think of the wear resistance, safety, and quality.  

My Recommendation

What is Wire Gauge?

Still, asking what size wire do I need to run 300 feet? It could be due to a lack of knowledge of wire gauge. In the simplest language, the wire gauge basically means the thickness (circular run through).

As a rule of thumb, the larger depth of wire will transfer better current flow in a safe manner. While the tiny one is able to shift electricity in a small amount.

What is Wire Gauge

As you can see in the diagram, all of them have different sizing with depth from 250 KCMil to 500 KCMil. 

And you can’t use any of them on any electrical parts just to improve electricity transportation as it can be risky for your life. Plus, to determine the electrical wires gauge size, it is labeled in numerical form.

What Is Wire Material?

It might look as plain as water but the material in wire plays a big role to decide the sizing. I don’t know if you notice that or not, both materials are under metal elements in which they have different sizing. 

FYI, aluminum wires are thicker, heavier, and larger than copper wire. And so, they carry electricity better to output. 

For your information: The installation expense will be around $1,600 to $3,800 for 200-amp wire. On average, it would cost not more than $6,500.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What size wire do I need to run 400 feet?

According to the maximum run length calculation, the size of the wire would be different based on materials. If the wire is copper, then it would be 500 kcmil or kcmil 3 for 400 feet. The aluminum wire size would be 1,000 kcmil or kcmil 3

2. How far can you run electrical wire?

Although there’s no limitation to running electrical wire, still most experts suggest keeping cable not longer than 100-300 feet. And, the distance can be further based on voltage output.  

3. What size wire to run 500 feet?

To run copper wire, you can attach 500 or 750 kcmil to run 500 feet. Then again, the aluminum wire size would be 1,000 kcmil which is unavailable mostly.

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Wrap Up

Finally, you know what size wire for 200 amp service 300 ft away. I have tried my best to explain the right dimension of wire which require for the service. And, you have to consider this matter to ensure good security before changing electrical wiring.

Hope this guide seems helpful to you with good detail along with most asked questions. We’ll catch you later with a new topic soon. Goodbye!

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