Ceiling fan remotes are often a cause of concern for many users all over the globe. These remotes can often cease to function as intended without any previous warning. The same goes for Fanimation ceiling fans.

So, what is the cause behind a Fanimation Slinger V2 remote not working?

There could be quite a few causes behind the remote not working properly. It could be that the remote is out of range, or that the batteries have run out of power. There could also be an issue with the mismatched frequency between the remote and the ceiling fan as well.

Throughout this article, I will provide an in-depth explanation of these problems as well as provide a detailed guide regarding the steps to Fanimation ceiling fan troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting a Fanimation Slinger V2 Remote

How to Troubleshoot a Fanimation Slinger V2 Remote?

There are several problems regarding the Fanimation Slinger V2 Remote not working. Each of these problems has its own set of troubleshooting procedures. However, these methods vary from one fan to another. Hampton Bay remote troubleshooting will be different from this.

I will now list these problems and the troubleshooting procedures below.

1. Remote is Out of Range

Every single remote has its own unique operating range, and it must stay within that range in order for it to continue to function properly. If you take the remote outside of that range, it will no longer work as the manufacturer intended it to.

In such a scenario, you need to check that the remote control is within range of the ceiling fan in order for it to be able to run the fan correctly and without any complications. Many fans have ranges of more than 40 feet. But yet, they should be tested by bringing the control as close to the fan as possible, preferably within 10 or 20 feet.

2. Discharged Batteries

Oftentimes the only problem regarding the Fanimation Slinger V2 ceiling fan is discharged batteries. Each and every remote requires a power source in order to generate necessary signals in order to command the ceiling fans to perform a specific function.

Nevertheless, the batteries included inside the ceiling fan remote will, over the course of time and with continued usage, gradually begin to degrade and drain. The remote control will be completely useless after the batteries have been depleted to their complete capacity.

In such a scenario, the problem can be fixed by installing a fresh set of batteries in place of the depleted ones in the device. 

These batteries are readily available at any store in your immediate vicinity. Your remote control should start operating normally once more without any hiccups when you get the old batteries removed and replaced with new ones.

3. Resetting the Fanimation Slinger V2 Remote

If your Fanimation Slinger V2 remote does not work properly even after being in the proper range and with new batteries, you may need to reset your ceiling fan remote. Worry not, the steps are quite simple.

How to reset a Fanimation Slinger V2 remote?

  • Turn off your ceiling fan using the remote (if the power button is working).
  • Press the off button on the fan for about 10 seconds then release it.
  • Wait for about another 20 seconds and then turn the fan on again (using the remote).

Following the above-mentioned steps, you should be able to reset your Fanimation Slinger V2 remote without any issues. But, how do I test my Fanimation remote?

Simply press the various button on your Fanimation Slinger V2 fan remote to check whether the ceiling fan responds to the commands or not.

However, if the problems still persist, then it may be due to the mismatched frequency between the ceiling fan and the remote. So, how do I resync my Fanimation remote? The next segment explains how.

4. Resyncing the Fanimation Slinger V2 Remote

Fanimation Slinger V2 remote not working? The reason could be a mismatched frequency between the ceiling fan and the remote.

You will find dip witches both on the ceiling fan as well as the ceiling fan remote. These dip switches must match their combinations in order to work properly. The number and style of the dip switches might vary based on the fan model.

Fig 1- Matched Dip Switch Combination
Fig 1- Matched Dip Switch Combination

Both the combination of the remote and the fan must match (Fig 1) in order for the remote and the fan to communicate. As there are usually 4 separate dip switches, each with two positions, up and down, there can be a total of 16 combinations.

This means, if necessary, you could use the same remote for 16 different ceiling fans just by changing the frequency of the remote to match the ceiling fan. But as mentioned before, this will vary based on the model of your remote.


If you had any queries regarding the cause behind a Fanimation Slinger V2 remote not working, this article should have helped you uncover that mystery. You might have also noticed how easy the process is to troubleshoot them.

However, if the problem still persists, you can always acquire an additional remote for the task, in case you suspect that the previous remote has been damaged in one way or another.


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