Looking in the ceiling fan that illuminates while operating is a beautiful view especially in the darkness. This little change will add aesthetic value to a dull room.

So, can you add a light kit to any ceiling fan all by yourself? The simple reply is yes but you do need to check if it has the compatibility option. Plus, it’s better to learn about the ceiling fan light wattage limit, which is 60W or 40W.

Don’t worry! Even if you are clueless about the whole thing, everything would be crystal-clear after reading this guide. Continue reading the following segment…

Can Add A Light Kit To Any Ceiling Fan

Add A Light Kit To Any Ceiling Fan:

Some ceiling fans have the option to add a light kit, which suggests a better attachment. Experts suggest using the same brand of light kit on the ceiling fan for easy installation.

Nearly all homeowners would love to keep their sweet home tidy and good-looking. And for that, some focus on the ceiling fan to make it look different than others. And that’s where people search for ‘can a light kit be added to a ceiling fan’ subject.

It’s possible to add the light kit but you have to ensure the compatibility and wattage factors.

How To Install Light Kit to Existing Ceiling Fan?

Most ceiling fans are made with a lid or cover on the backside where you meant to attach the light kit.

The cap added in the ceiling fan usually holds holes for screws to thread pipe (similar to traditional chandeliers) which will attach the lights. Unfortunately, if your one doesn’t come with a pipe, then use the octagon box as an option (although it might look weird).   

Before the topic gets puzzling, I want to confirm if you have the equipment meaning the light kit or not. If not, then ensure getting one and consider the traits along with quality.  

My Recommendation

  • The Harbor Breeze Merrimack II is one of the best light fixtures for ceiling fans. Not only does it contain 5 blades but also ensures good lighting for bedroom application.
  • Coming to the second-best light fixture which is Westinghouse Lighting 77847. The coolest part of it is the traditional vibe that contains a 3-light cluster to use on the indoor ceiling fan.

How To Install Light Kit to Existing Ceiling Fan?

Now, after learning everything, you are all prepared to explore the right way to attach the light kit to the existing ceiling fan. 

Carefully follow the procedure as a wrong step can result in a ceiling fan light dimmer problem. And, grab tools that are essential and then move to the process. 

Required Tools:

  1. Ceiling Fan Light Kit. 
  2. Gloves.
  3. Eyewear. 
  4. Mask.
  5. Screwdrivers (including Philips + Slotted).
  6. Rubber Boots.

Procedure To add Light Kit to Existing Ceiling Fan:

  • Close the electricity or mainline for safe installation.
  • Wear all the safety gadgets including rubber boots to avoid mishaps.
  • Check if the fan contains the hole to assemble the light kit in the center. If not, then drill the surface for short-term application.
  • Detach the fan using the right tools. If possible, do this with the help of your friend. And then, take out the screws (which hold the decorative center plates) using a screwdriver. Keep the screw in a safe place.
  • After that, detach the plates to reach the wiring.
  • Search for 2 essential wires which are neutral and hot power. To give additional details, the neutral wire is the white-colored one and the other black-colored option is the fan power line.
  • Connect the light fixture’s white and black wires that will pass through the hole of the ceiling fan plate.
  • Next, maintain the right attachment of wires. To explain in detail, attach the white one to the wires and the black one to the black wires.
  • Then, attach the nuts to the wire using the screwdriver. Insert the lights, shades, and other parts. And, you are done.

Note: To install a light kit in a ceiling fan with an expert’s help, the cost would be around $100-$200. That sometimes goes higher than $500.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need an electrician to install ceiling fan?

Well, if you are a beginner who doesn’t know basic electrical works, then maybe calling an electrician is the only option to install a ceiling fan. However, the procedure is simple which can be done by following the direction of the manual.

2. Are ceiling fan light kits interchangeable?

The answer will be both yes and no. To put it clearly, there are fan light kits universal and non-universal. In short, fan light kits can be both depending on the model.

3. Do ceiling fans add value to home?

Yes, for sure! The reason is ceiling fans, especially with special features such as lighting will not only add value and convenience but also increase overall beauty. However, you have to pick the right spot like a bedroom, drawing room, or family room.

Wrapping Up

Finally, I’m done answering can you add a light kit to any ceiling fan. With the presented details, I hope you are all clear about this topic. Ensure to gather all the necessary tools that are mentioned in the procedure for a successful installation.   Plus, after attaching, you can consider to make ceiling fan light brighter with proper caring and tricks. Now, go ahead do it yourself or get help from a specialist. Good Luck! 

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