The world is advancing at a very high speed right now with technology taking different shapes. Smart and remote controlled home appliances have become very common. Like, a remote controlled fan for an example. But the thing we are going to learn about today is can you roll back a remote controlled device to switch operation?

Well, of course you can. With just a little modification to the circuit you can obviously roll back to the traditional ways of switching your ceiling fan manually. In this case, you have to detach the remote control module from the circuit and establish a direct connection.

The procedure is a very simple one. All you need to do is pay close attention to what I am going to show you. Hopefully you will find yourself good enough to do this by your own. Let’s read and learn the details below.

How To Convert A Remote Control Ceiling Fan To Switch Operation

How Does A Remote Control Ceiling Fan Works?

To change a remote controlled system, you first have to know how does it actually works.

A receiving module is attached to the circuit of the fan, while a remote act as the transmitting device. There are several buttons on the remote that send different data by the help of radio waves. This data is received by the receiving module which commands the electronic switch to act accordingly.

This is the basic working procedure of a remote controlled ceiling fan. The commands from the remote can be:

  • Turn on the fan
  • Turn off the fan
  • Increase the speed of the fan
  • Decrease the speed of the fan

Let me show you a little block diagram of the circuit system, so that you can it is easy to comprehend what is actually going on here.

How Does A Switch Operation Work For A Ceiling Fan?

A switch operational circuit is very simple. The switch is connected in between the line wire from the power source to the ceiling fan.

The switch is manually turned on or off to control the ceiling fan. You will need a regulator connected in series with the fan to control the speed.

So, you can see that the switch operation is very straight forward. There is no complex circuitry involved in this.

As a result, you can also come to a conclusion that converting a remote control ceiling fan in to a switch operating one is not a hard job.

How To Convert A Remote Control Ceiling Fan To Switch Operation?

To convert the way operation, you need to put out the remote control module from the fan circuit and replace it with an electrical switch.

Doing so, the ceiling fan will be converted into switch operation mode. I am going to describe the whole procedure step by step with a complete circuit diagram.


  • First of all, disconnect the power supply to the ceiling fan by turning off the circuit breaker.
  • Open the circuit box of the remote controlling module. And disconnect all the devices related to the remote controlling module from the fan circuit. The devices related to the module should be a signal receiver, IC and relay.
  • After removing the remote controlling circuit connect a switch in between the line wire that is connected to the fan directly.

Thus, the fan will be converted to switch operation. Now you can turn on the circuit breaker and switch on the fan.

You may often face other switching systems like pull chain for ceiling fan or lights. If you are using them you better also know how to fix pull chain on ceiling fan or lights.

Does A Remote Controlled Ceiling Fan Need A Wall Switch?

Well It is not compulsory for a remote controlled ceiling fan to have a wall switch but you can add one for some purposes. A wall switch can serve you in different ways which depends on the way you are connecting the switch to your circuit.

In most cases, the wall switch is used as an alternative to the remote control system. Because the wireless system may fail anytime due to hardware failures and as a result, your ceiling fan stopped working suddenly.

So, what will you do then? You cannot wait to turn on your switch until the hardware is fixed. In that case using a wall switch is a blessing.

The wall switch can be connected in such a way that it works as a bypass switch. Here it normally stays in off condition when you are operating the circuit with the remote.

If your remote fails, you can simply turn on and off the circuit with the switch. So, ultimately you can that it is safe to have a wall switch for your ceiling fan.

How Do You Bypass A Remote Control On A Ceiling Fan?

It is kind of the reverse process of the goal of this article. To bypass a remote control on a ceiling fan you need to install the remote control receiving module in the fan circuit. To do so you need to follow the following steps:

  • Cut off the power supply of the ceiling fan by turning off the circuit breaker.
  • Cut the line wire that connects to the ceiling fan to put a relay. It will serve as the electromagnetic switch
  • The relay will be controlled by the remote control receiver and IC
  • As an alternative, you can use a full remote control module and install it in between the line wire to the fan. This technique will save you from having to deal with individual IC and relay.

How Do You Turn Off A Ceiling Fan When The Remote Is Broken?

You can turn off the ceiling fan using a wall switch in case the remote is broken. But in order to do so, you have to install a wall switch in case of such emergencies. As I have already said a while earlier, a wall switch can serve as a bypass switch.

Can You Control Your Ceiling Fan Using An Android Mobile?

Yes, you can control your ceiling fan using an android app on your smart phone. Such controlling system is also known as smart automation.

In that case, people normally use Bluetooth or wi-fi module in the ceiling fan circuit along with an IC and relay to control the fan from a smart phone. An app is needed to manage the commands from the smart phone.

There are also other options for controlling a fan using a mobile. Like- the IOT (Internet Of Things) is a technique that uses internet connectivity to connect the fan to the smart phone. In this way you can control your fan from a far distant place.


The article covers a lot of things that will come handy for you. First of all you can easily get to know what you need to do to convert a remote control ceiling fan to switch operation. All the procedures are explained in a very understandable way. All you need to do is go through the article properly and take necessary precautions while performing the experiment.

Besides the main topic, I guess you find the other things very helpful in the FAQs section. Hopefully you will use this knowledge to do something on your own. That will actually please me a lot. Good luck…

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