The installation of sub-panels is frequently necessary for residential properties for a wide range of purposes. Such as establishing an additional power supply for the home or a separate source of electricity to power a piece of equipment. However, in order to accomplish this, a significant quantity of wire is required.

But which wire size for 60 amp sub panel 150 feet away should be sufficient for the job?

To simplify the answer in one short burst, you would need a 3-gauge wire or a 3 AWG wire for a 60-ampere sub panel situated 150 feet away. The wire size would be the same for both copper wires and aluminum wires.

This article will address all of the challenges and concerns about the wire size for sub panels at a variety of distances, starting with the main topic at hand. I will go about each of the concerns in great detail throughout. Let’s begin.

What Wire Size is Needed for a 60 Amp Sub Panel 150 Feet Away

Wire Size for 60 Amp Sub Panel at 150 Feet

When choosing a wire size for any electrical installation or configuration, there are two primary factors that should be taken into account. The amperage rating of the setup or the circuit is the first factor to consider. The second factor is the distance between the source and the sub-panel.

Now let’s talk about the amperage rating, which, in layman’s terms, refers to the quantity of power that the wire will be responsible for carrying. The amperage rating has a direct impact on the size of the wire. When the amp rating of the circuit is higher, the required diameter of the wire at its perimeter must also be increased.

There is a chart that dictates the wire gauge or AWG (American Wire Gauge for short) for each amperage rating. I will provide the chart below.

Wire Gauge Amperage Ratings Chart

Current(Amps)Copper Wire(AWG)Aluminum Wire(AWG)

As can be seen from the above chart, with the increase of amperes of any circuit, so does the thickness of the wire. The greater the thickness of a wire, the lesser rating it has. For example, a size 4 wire is thicker than a size 6 wire.

Distance is the second aspect that should not be overlooked in this analysis. If the wire length is greater than one hundred meters, then it is required to use a wire size that is one level below (thicker wire) the size that is provided in the table. This is a general rule of thumb that applies to the situation.

Now, what wire size for 60 amp sub panel 150 feet away?

According to the chart that was just presented, one would need a copper wire that is either size 4 or 4 AWG. However, in regard to the second criterion, given that the distance is 150 feet, the rule of thumb mandates the utilization of a wire that is of a greater thickness. Therefore, the answer that we are able to arrive at is a size 3 wire.

The result would not change for aluminum wires. As a size 3 aluminum wire can handle around 75 amperes to 85 amperes. So it will suffice for the 60-ampere sub panel situated 150 feet away.

How Does the Wire Size Affect the Sub Panel?

Wire sizes are crucial in breakers and sub panels, especially for one reason: ensuring ample safety of the circuitry. To further clarify, a wire’s overall size plays a key role in determining if its fitted conductors can withstand the amperage that will pass through them.

If the connected appliances use more power than the wire is designed to handle and the circuit breaker fails, the insulation could melt due to the heat that is created. This would be the case if the circuit breaker also failed.

A wire may also accidentally melt or even burn if it is not designed to sustain a specific amount of amperage. This might cause a fire disaster that could eventually burn your house down. One must thoroughly understand the right wire size and their amperage load-carrying capabilities for this specific purpose.

As a general rule, wires with greater thickness and larger diameters are better able to manage greater amperage loads because they are better able to limit the additional heat that is produced as a result of the electricity travelling through the cable.

Wire gauge can also dictate the specifications of an extension cord. There is a limit to how many watts a 14-gauge extension cord can handle.


This article should give you enough idea to choose the perfect wire size for 60 amp sub panel 150 feet away. With the help of this article, you should also be able to figure out the wire size for any amperes at any distance.

But if any confusion arises, do not hesitate to consult or cross-check with a professional electrician. It is always good practice to double-check when it comes to electrical endeavors.

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