You might have planned to wire a 3 prong dryer outlet to 4 wire at home, but what if a disaster occurs and the line burns out? In this type of situation, knowing when to use a double pole switch helps a lot.

Adding the 3-way switch wiring on the 2-pole switch is a great thing. But the technique will be different. Back to the point, knowing the right time to use the switch will need your focus to determine the factors that matter.

From the amps to the circuits, that’s better to consider these to know the right moment of its usage. for instance, to use a 20 amps circuit added 2-pole switch, you need to know how many 15 amp outlets on a 20 amp circuit.

So, give me your valuable time and I’ll try to give some deeper insights related to the topic. Let’s Get into it!

So When to Use a Double Pole Switch?

Most homeowners use the 2-pole switches to confirm better safety on the open connection of two hot wires. Risky equipment like heater or cooker needs to run using a double-pole switch.

The double pole switch looks quite like an ordinary one with a single on/off button or dial to use. And also, transferring decent amounts of amps to the appliance would be safe on the 2-pole switch.

High-voltage machines like AC or others will need this type of switch to avoid burnout or circuit issues.

how to Use a Double Pole Switch -diagram

As the question still remains to know when to use it, the 2-pole switch needs to be used while planning to use high amperage of household machines.

So, if you are thinking ‘do I need a double pole switch?’, then learn about it and then based on your preference pick the best one.

My Recommendation.

The Leviton 3032-2W is one of the best-rated double-pole switches for lights, motors, heaters, or any household purpose. Not lacking in quality or longevity, it has 30 amps carrying rating.

Now that you know it all, get a small idea of what is the difference between double pole and single pole switches.

The 1-pole switch is made to control only 1 circuit. On the other hand, the 2-pole switch controls 2 circuits at once.

And so, all people call it a 2 single-pole switch rather than a double-pole one. Besides, the 2-pole switch uses 240V circuits to control it.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What is double pole switch?

It’s a 4-way switch that holds 2 single poles that can control two separate circuits at the same time. And, the double pole switch can work fine using a dial or button.

2. Why use a double pole isolator?

Using a specific circuit, many use the double pole isolator to cut off the circuit part. to ensure the safety of an electrical device, this thing does a great job.   

3. Where are double pole switches used?

Most commonly the double pole switches are being used in industrial or factory-side areas for fans or lights. Due to their ease of usage and protection, many homeowners also use it in houses.

4. Is a 3-way switch single pole or double pole? 

It’s basically a single pole with a double-throw switch. To explain clearly, the 3-way switch uses controls a single circuit that is quite different from the double pole function.

What is a Single Pole or Double Pole Electrical Switch?

Last Comment

Finally, the curiosity of knowing when to use a double pole switch is over. As you have succeeded to understand the topic, I hope the given information helped you, even if it’s a little bit. Knowing the right moment of using this is necessary if you fear the risky consequences of circuits that might happen. As far as safety is concerned, the double pole switches play the best role. And keeping your wiring appliance of devices away from electrical problems are possible with it. That’s all for today. See you on my next topic. Hope it helped!

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