Smart switches have frequently secured a place in many households and the number only keeps increasing. But these smart switches often face various problems.

The same goes for Kasa smart switches. Several reasons could be behind a Kasa smart switch not working

The reasons could range from power issues, and connectivity issues up to issues with the app. To solve the issue, one must first understand the root cause of the problem before proceeding with fixing the problem.

In this article, I will go into detail regarding the various problems that might plague a Kasa smart switch as well as how to solve these problems on your own.

How to Troubleshoot a Malfunctioning Kasa Smart Switch

Various Issues Regarding a Kasa Smart Switch

Several reasons could be behind a Kasa smart switch not working. Each problem is caused by a different root cause.  In this segment, I will talk about some of the common problems regarding a Kasa smart light switch.

Kasa Smart Switch Not Turning On Lights

A common issue with the Kasa smart switch is that they often fail to turn the light or appliance on or off. The issue is mostly due to faulty wiring along with the improper installation of the Kasa smart switch.

This problem is most likely to appear in the event that the smart switch was installed manually. It’s possible that you connected everything using the wrong wire by accident.

This could cause several other problems such as tripping the circuit breaker frequently, as well as damaging the equipment or appliance the switch is connected to.

Sometimes, the wiring inside the wall can also get damaged due to pest infestation, environmental factors, and other reasons. This could also lead to the switch not working as intended.

Not Being Able to Connect to the Wi-Fi

When using a Kasa smart switch, the “Wi-Fi Lighting Icon” will let you know if your device is configured properly. It is connected to your local network if the light is dependably steady and vivid green.

And if your device has been unplugged from the Home network and needs to restore the connection you will notice that the light on it is blinking amber and green. Kasa switch blinking green can easily be remedied.

Fig 1- Kasa Light Switch Reset Button & Restart Button

If the green light (Fig 1) is blinking it means the switch has lost connection to the internet. It shouldn’t work if not connected. And needs to be reconnected to the network in order to properly function as a smart switch.

Issues Regarding the Smart App

A sizable portion of consumers has reported having issues connecting the light switch to the Kasa smart app. This can be the result of a minor bug in the Kasa Smart App or a problem with the light switch in your house.

In the following segment, I will provide some suggested remedies that could address this issue if they were put into practice. But first, make sure that the problem truly does lie with the Kasa Smart APP, and not the wiring or the network of the device.

How to Troubleshoot a Malfunctioning Kasa Smart Switch?

There are several different ways you could troubleshoot your Kasa smart switch. But the method greatly depends on the problem and the cause. Some problems simply require a small reset. While others require a complete rewiring of the smart switch.

Rewiring the Kasa Smart Switch

If after the diagnosis you have found that there is an issue with the wiring of the smart switch, you may need to rewire it entirely.

Investigate the likelihood that the cables are not linked to one another in a safe and secure manner. This may cause the equipment in question to trip its circuit breaker.

TP-Link solves these problems by equipping its smart switches with color-coded wires that indicate which lines are active, which lines are neutral, and which lines are ground.

Additionally, they come with wire wraps that can be used to protect the connections in any way that you see fit.

If you are unfamiliar with electrical wiring and connections, you should not attempt to install the gadget on your own but should instead get in touch with a qualified electrician.

Reconnecting the Kasa Smart Switch to the Home Network

Kasa light switch blinking on and off may indicate issues regarding the connection. Before attempting to connect to an Internet connection point, you must restart the Kasa smart application installation procedure.

If some appliance in your house is not working properly, your Kasa smart switch is not getting a connection that is strong enough. Consider installing a second Wi-Fi extension if you are unable to move your router to a spot that is relatively close to the smart switch.

It is crucial to remember that your Wi-Fi cable network must function on the 2.4 GHz frequency band in order for your TP-Link smart switches to connect with one another.

Although it is feasible for the Kasa smart switch to function on the 5 GHz frequency band or over mobile data, it is advised that the smart switch maintain its connection to the 2.4 GHz frequency band of the primary router.

If you wish to lessen the chance of overload when connecting your smart switch, you might want to consider using an additional Wi-Fi network channel.

You should do a factory reset on your router if, after trying these fixes, the smart switch is still unable to establish a connection to the internet.

Fixing Issues Regarding Kasa Smart Switch Application

Remove the Kasa device from your app first, then use your phone’s slide-down menu to access the settings by choosing the gear-shaped icon.

After that, locate the Kasa smart app in the app’s settings menu and click on it. Following that, you can remove all app data from the app storage settings.

When you’re done, open the Kasa smart app, restart your Kasa smart device briefly, then try to pair it again. If the problem has been fixed, it is quite probable that it has been.

The best course of action if you’re experiencing issues that aren’t addressed here is to contact the Kasa support staff so they can assist you in determining what’s wrong.

For every issue you have, they will guide you through each step of the solution process. Therefore, you should open a support ticket or send them an email if you need professional assistance.

If there’s a chance the device you bought is broken, you can make a request for a replacement if your product’s warranty is still in effect.


This article tackles several reasons which could be behind a Kasa smart switch not working. If you have any of these issues, this article should help you fix them.

However, if the issue persists, feel free to contact the company or hire a professional electrician to remedy the situation.

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