Apc Vs Belkin Surge Protector: A Guide to Surge Protectors

There are a lot of brands and models available on the market. Which should you choose?

Although the key functionality is the same, APC and Belkin surge protectors differ in a variety of crucial areas, including the AC rating, protection rating, the presence of circuit breakers, the quantity of outlets, etc. You have to consider these factors before opting to buy one.

This article will discuss in detail about the difference between APC vs Belkin surge protectors, and how you can choose the perfect surge protector for your devices and appliances.


APC Surge Protectors

APC has 4 different series of surge protectors that come with their specific features and specifications. They all have their individual use cases and functionalities that set them apart from each other. Is APC a good surge protector? The user ratings agree.

  • SurgeArrest Performance Series: Surge protection for professional computers, high-end electronics, and other sensitive equipment is provided by the APC SurgeArrest Performance series. This range of power strips offer the greatest joule rating and the most outlets.
  • SurgeArrest Home/Office Series: In the case of major electrical surges, the APC SurgeArrest Home/Office series delivers the highest level of surge protection for computers and other electronic equipment.
  • SurgeArrest Essential Series: Surge protection for computers and home equipment is provided by the APC SurgeArrest Essential series. These power strips provide the best value for money.
  • ProtectNet Series: Surges and spikes moving via unsecured data connections generate the bulk of surge-induced damage. Individual data lines, such as telephone and network lines, coax cables, and more, are protected by the ProtectNet series of stand-alone surge suppressors.
APC Performance SurgeArrest 12, P12U2
Fig-1: APC Performance SurgeArrest 12, P12U2

Highlighted Product: What is the most reliable surge protector? The APC Performance SurgeArrest 12, model P12U2 (Fig-1), is the greatest surge protector or power strip according to a surplus of user reviews. 

The device has a 4,320-joule protection rating, as well as 12 electrical outlets and two USB connections. Because the surge protector is thin and tiny, it may easily be hidden beneath media consoles or televisions. 

However, in terms of Cyberpower vs APC surge protectors, the main glaring difference come in their number of outlets.

Belkin Surge Protectors

Belkin also has 3 different line of surge protectors available at the market. However, the distinction is not as clear as with the APC surge protectors. Is Belkin a good brand for surge protector? It is. But in terms of APC vs Belkin surge protectors, the debate is a bit lengthy.

  • Basic Series: The Home Series protects the most basic household gadgets and appliances from surges. Average models cover 1,034 Joules, 19,500 Maximum Spike Amperage, 4-sockets, Phone/Modem/DSL protection, and a 2-meter power line. These models are also covered by an equipment warranty as well as two years of product warranty.
  • Home/Office Series: Surge protectors in the Belkin Home/Office Series help safeguard home entertainment systems, and other ordinary household equipment. Surge protection of up to 3996 joules is provided by 12 grounded AC outlets, protecting sensitive electronic gadgets.
  • Travel Series: These are compact and made to be fit for the road and on the go. They come in a small form factor so that they can easily fit in any size backpack that you might carry or as a wall mount surge protector.
Belkin BV12234-08 (with and without Ethernet Ports)
Fig-2: Belkin BV12234-08 (with and without Ethernet Ports)

Highlighted Product: Belkin’s 12 Outlet Surge Protector, model BV12234-08, is a great product that offers plenty of protection, making it one of the finest surge protectors and power strips available.

It matches the APC Performance SurgeArrest 12 with 12 outlets and two USB charging ports.

Differences Between APC Vs Belkin Surge Protectors

There are several key factors that distinguish an APC surge protector from a Belkin. They are displayed in the chart below. Let’s take a look.

APC Vs Series Belkin Surge Protectors

AC Rating120 Volts2 Nodes
Number of Outlets OfferedStarting from 10 Outlets up to 12 OutletsStaring from 1 Outlet up to 12 Outlets
Circuit BreakersIncludedNot Included
Protection RatingUp to 4,320 JoulesUp to 3940 Joules
CostStarting from $6.50 up to $44.99Starting from $5.99 up to $49.99

Choosing an Appropriate Surge Protector

As different models and brands provide different levels and magnitudes of protection, you must take calculated decision based on the factors stated above to select an appropriate protector for your devices.

Factors to Consider in a Surge Protector

AC Rating: The average household supply voltage is around 120 Volts in the United States. Therefore, one must choose an appropriately rated surge protector.

Choosing a surge protector that is not rated to be compatible with your supply can result in electrical hazards.

Number of Outlets: You must choose a surge protector that provides with enough outlets necessary for your devices and setup. The more outlets you require, the pricier your surge protector will be.

Thus, you should choose a surge protector with enough outlets for your needs.

Current: In circuits with a series arrangement, the current is always the same. The current, on the other hand, is shared among the parallel connected devices.

Circuit Breakers: Surge protectors with circuit breakers are safer than the ones without breakers.

Because in terms of any electrical malfunction the protector can shut the circuit down, preventing any damage or harm that might have come in the way of your electrical components.

Protection Rating: The more the protection rating of your surge protector, the more safety it will provide for your devices.

Warranty: It is always great to buy a product with a decent warranty period. As it gives you a peace of mind as well as support in any case the unit should fail.

Cost: Along with security, the cost is also a key factor to take into contribution. You have to choose a surge protector, that provides you with the safety that you need, within the budget that you have.

However, based on your needs, you might also opt for an UPS. There are certain differences between an UPS vs Surge Protector which will affect your choice.

There are also signs that help, when needing how to tell if a surge protector is bad. Such as, it gets hot after use, there are sparks during connection, has exposed wires etc.


Throughout this article, the main differences between APC and Belkin surge protectors have been thoroughly discussed, as well as their advantages and disadvantages, and how you can select the one which is best for you.

Take into consideration the rating which is appropriate for your household and devices, along with the number of outlets you require. Choosing an appropriate surge protector helps you keep all of your devices safe and running without worrying about power surges.

Belkin BV12234-08 (with and without Ethernet Ports)
Fig-2: Belkin BV12234-08 (with and without Ethernet Ports)


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