Key Points:

  • Type of protection a GFCI provides to an electrical device.
  • Connection procedure of a GFCI to a light switch under protection scheme.
  • Necessity of using a GFCI instead of a normal circuit breaker.

A GFCI, also known as Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is a kind of circuit breaker that protects electrical devices from excessive or fault currents. There is a little difference between a normal circuit breaker and a GFCI.

You can connect a GFCI outlet to a light switch without any problem. If properly installed, it will protect your light from unnecessary leakage or fault currents.

In this article, we going to learn more about GFCI and how to connect a light switch to it. I will also discuss the benefits of using GFCI over other circuit breakers. Stay with me to learn all these amazing things.

How To Wire a Light Switch To A GFCI Outlet?

What Is the Purpose of A GFCI Outlet?

The main purpose is to protect the device from any kind of short circuit or fault currents.

A GFCI outlet protects electrical outlets or devices connected to it. The GFCI instantly trips off the circuit as soon as it detects any fault or leakage current.

Outcome Of Using GFCI Outlets:

When the GFCI serves its purpose properly, the chances of short circuits or electrical shocks reduce to huge extent. The circuits will be more reliable for the users to use at any situation, especially in wet or risky environment where there are chances of short circuits.

Where It Is Mostly Used?

Since it provides instant protection to short circuits and fault currents, GFCI outlets are best at using in wet or moist places, like- washroom, toilet, kitchen etc. Any places where there is a chance of electric shocks or risks of short circuit, GFCI is the perfect place for that.

So, you can already see that there is a difference between GFCI and regular outlets. You are going to learn more about these in this article.

Can A GFCI Outlet Be Connected To A Light Switch?

Yes, a GFCI outlet can be connected to a light switch. It is very simple. Just connect the light switch in between the output wires of the GFCI outlet which goes to the light. Connect the light switch in the hot wire of the GFCI output.

How To Wire a Light Switch To A GFCI Outlet:

You have to connect the light switch in between the output line terminal of the GFCI and the light.

Doing so, you will be able to use the light as usual but under the supervision of the GFCI. So, whenever there is a short circuit or any current leakage in this portion, the circuit will be tripped to save the devices.

A circuit diagram will help you to understand it easily. So, I have drawn one for you here:

Circuit Diagram of connecting a GFCI to light switch
Fig 01: Circuit Diagram of connecting a GFCI to light switch

Here you can see that there are different input and outout terminals in a GFCI. You have to connect the input terminals to the line, neutral and ground of the main power supply. The output terminals of the GFCI will be connected to the light and switch.

Wiring A Light Switch Off A GFCI Outlet:

  • Connect the line, neutral and ground of the main power supply to the line in, neutral in and ground terminal of the GFCI as shown in figure 01.
  • Connect the Line Out of the GFCI to one of the terminals of the light switch.
  • Connect the other terminal of the switch to the positive terminal of the bulb as shown in the figure.
  • Connect the negative terminal of the bulb to the Neutral Out of the GFCI to complete the connection.
  • One thing you should know is that, the ground terminal is common for both input and output. That is connecting one slot is enough.

You can connect the GFCI in many ways. If you are trying to connect GFCI to another one or a device you should learn how to connect GFCI in series. The fig 01 actually kind of resembles such a work.

If you are trying to plug in multipe light or devices instead of connecting directly like the way shown in fig 01, you have to learn how to connect multiple outlets to a GFCI. Then you will be able to plug in the devices in the outlets.

1. Wiring A GFCI And Lights Are On Same Circuit?

Well of course. As you can see in the figure, the GFCI and lights are already on the same circuit. So it is very much possible to connect a GFCI to a light or any electrical device.

2. Can You Wire A Switch After A GFCI Outlet?

Yes, you can wire a switch after a GFCI outlet. The switch should serve a controling device for an electrical item. Like here the switch is serving a light bulb.

Bottom Line

For those who are trying to add protection to the switches or lights in the moist or wet places in your house, this article is the best one for you. I hope already found out what you were looking for. It covers the basics and application procedures for a easy installation.

If you are going to connect a GFCI for your home outlet or light switch, no need to wait any longer. Just buy the correct GFCI and get going. If you have any problem just go over to the circuit diagram again for a quick revision. Leave your comments if you have any problem during the experiment. Good luck!!!

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