Nearly all kids in their life at some points have been curious to see the outcome after placing a spoon in an electrical outlet. And the worse scene outcome is accidents where they experience shock. And this is why experts suggest using TR outlets for houses with kids.

As a no-clue-holder of electricity matters, you might want to know what is a tamper resistant outlet. Also, the thing whether can one bad outlet affect others or not with this type. Well, it won’t affect.

Just read this guide for next couple of minutes and find exactly what the TR outlet is. Let’s move to the next segment…

What Is a Tamper Resistant Outlet?

About Tamper Resistant Outlet:

The tamper-resistant aka TR outlet contains 2 receptacles with 3 prongs for neutral, hot, and ground connection. When you attach a device plug into the outlet, the 2 shutters will open the slots.

Due to so many accidents at home, NEC aka National Electrical Code makes the tamper-resistant outlets for safe application. 

One study in the US shows that more than 2,400 kids who are 12 years old have gone through serious injury due to electrical outlets.

Basically, the TR outlet keeps the circuit closed until you enter the plug into the slots. With its stunning system, this not only lets kids touch the outlet safely but also increases protection in case of electrical shocks.

But before moving to the explanation segment, I want you to think of the tamper-resistant outlet, have you thought about buying a good-quality one? 

My Recommendation

The ENERLITES ‎61501-TR-W outlet is an excellent pick for home apartments. You’ll find 10 pieces in this set, where each hold 2 prongs. The best part is its function and safety that reduce the shock issues.   

Fun fact: If you want to know how much do electricians charge per outlet would price, then it would cost around $3 to $250 on average. 

I’m sure there are still so many questions left in your head to find the tamper-resistant outlets, just continue reading to find out more. 

How To Identify the Tamper Resistant Outlet?

To tell whether the receptacle is tamper resistant outlets or not, it is suggested to see the prong and nuts attach on the middle (sometimes it can have 2 nuts on the top and bottom sides). 

How To Identify the Tamper Resistant Outlet

An expert can tell the outlet by looking at it in one glance. It holds 3 pins which are required to attach the plug to ensure a good connection of the derives.

Where Are Tamper Resistant Plugs Required?

Placing the TR outlet or plugs is simple once you know the right spot. For that, I have made a shortlist of places where you guys can move on.

  • Bedrooms,
  • Hotel rooms,
  • Elementary fixture,
  • Educational areas,
  • Dental clinics. 
  • Waiting rooms, &
  •  Pre-school rooms.  

What is tamper resistant outlet code?

Given by NEC, the TR outlet is listed in 406.12.  As I have mentioned that earlier, the TRR aka tamper resistant receptacles are run with 15-amp to 20-amp, at 125v or 250v voltage. And, you have to find the location of outlets is not more than 1.7 meters from the top. 

Tamper Resistant Outlet Vs Normal Outlet.

Both of them hold a few dissimilarities which can be determined if you observed them carefully. After that, follow the given instructions.

  1. Unlike a normal outlet, the question about does a sub panel need a main breaker is not necessary for the TR outlet.
  2. If placing a fork in the slot of a normal outlet, holds a high possibility to cause electrical shock. Quite the opposite, the tamper-resistant outlet is super safe.
  3. Although the looks are similar, still the tamper-resistant outlet has a ‘TR’ mark in between the 2 poles of each prong upside-down.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Should I get tamper resistant outlets?

If you need a secure receptacle option for kids, then the TR outlets are a must-have choice. It as well performs great to keep your apartment safer that won’t cause shock mishaps. 

2. Are tamper resistant outlets better?

Based on most home experts, tamper-resistant outlets are one of the safest options that lessen the chances of mishaps. Plus, they do well to stop kids from starting the circuit. 

3. How do you plug in a tamper resistant plug?

Using the tamper-resistant outlet is simple as you just need to attach the device with a little force on the ground, neutral, and hot pins. For better fitting, move the prongs to the left and right sides.  

4. What Is the Purpose of Tamper Resistant Outlet?

To put it simply, most use tamper-resistant outlets for the safety of the home electrical circuit. Since kids are careless and curious to do random stuff to the outlet, which can cause serious injury.  

How Do Tamper Resistant Outlets Work?

Wrapping Up

We have come to the ending part; I have tried to present all the possible details and facts about what is a tamper-resistant outlet along with answering some queries. Now, you can make your home safer and add it now that you have learned about this topic.

But, don’t just randomly pick a tamper-resistant outlet without investigating its good and bad sides. Besides, consider the user’s experience to easily hop for one. Hope this article helped you get information that is essential to learn. See you soon again. Bye!

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