Wall plugs or outlets are a vital part which is needed in every home to use devices and machines. The main reason why people require them in an apartment is to get current power or wattage obviously.

When they get damaged or burn out, you’ll need the help of an expert to replace or install them as the procedure could feel complex and risky. But this thing can be consuming unless you have a good idea of how much do electricians charge per outlet.

You’ve to spend $55 as that’s how much does an electrician cost per hour on average. Yet, the final cost will be changed due to estimated labor necessary and different types of outlets.

How Much Do Electricians Charge Per Outlet

Electrical Outlet Installation Costs:

Based on the outlet type, the cost of an electrician charge is $2 to $1,400 per outlet. Plus, the labor and material cost change the overall charge. 

Since it’s a matter of spending money for a good purpose, it’s wise to know everything related to it. Here’s a general idea of electrician prices list depending on outlet type.

Outlet TypeElectricians Charge for Installment  (Per Hour)
Standard Outlet (120V)$13 – $22 
Durable Outlet (220V, 240V, & 250V)$10 – $20
GFCI Outlet$7 – $25
AFCI Outlet$20 – $30
Floor Outlet $30 – $50
Coax Outlet$5
Smart Outlet$25 – $50
Tamper-resistant Outlet $2 – $5
Rotate Outlet $8 – $20
Outdoor Outlet $1,000 – $1,400

Basically, to decide the cost for electrician to install outlet, there are 2 factors which you have to consider. And these are,

  1. Material: Stuff or tools needed to use during the physical work.
  2. Labor: Physical work of a skilled technician.

Now, it’s a pretty common aspect which most people know. Let’s break down these in a simple way along with the charge rate which is mostly needed.

Electrician Charge/Labor = Installation Cost of An Outlet – Material – Tax – Others

Cost Of Material

How much does it cost to add an electrical outlet? Based on the quality of the outlet, the charge of the material will be different. On average, it would be around 50-200 dollars. The cost will be different if the equipment is high-quality or not.

Cost Of Labor

The labor cost of an electrician is around $40 to $100 per hour just to install an electrical outlet (not all types). And, it can be different if the electrician has better skills. For example, if an expert installs the outlet for 6 hours, then the labor cost will be $460 to $600.

Note: The minimum fee to visit an expert technician will be around 100-200 dollars.

Come to think of it, do you already own an electrical outlet to install? Whatever the answer is, I hope you install a durable and good quality one.

My Recommendations

  • The ENERLITES 61580-TR-BK is one of the safest receptacles, set of 10 pieces. It is 2 pole that holds 1800 watts to transfer power. And, this outlet is tamper-resistant to use in an apartment.
  • Coming to the next supreme outlet, the Leviton T5320 is a 3-pole set that contains 10 pieces. The best part of it is the longer lifespan and heavy-duty frame. This is a great option for home applications.   

Explaining The Electrical Outlet Installation Cost

As I have mentioned before, the types of outlets matter to decide the installation cost by a technician. To understand it better, look down below.

Standard Outlet (120V)

It might need up to $13 on average for an electrician to install the standard outlets which are 120 voltages.

Durable Outlet (220V, 240V, & 250V)

Based on most people, the durable outlets which hold 220V, 240V, or 250V will require 32 –100 dollars per hour to install via an expert.

GFCI Outlet

The GFCI outlets need $7 – $25 per hour for an expert to install them. And the cost can be higher if the outlet quality is better.

AFCI Outlet

Nearly all electricians will install the AFCI (Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlet by charging 20-30 dollars per hour.  

Floor Outlet

The floor outlet can have different designs which need good skill to install rightly. And so, the cost of installation is higher which would be around $30 to $50 per outlet.

Coax Outlet

If your house contains a TV, computer, or similar devices, the Coax outlets are a popular option. For that, they require $5 per hour or more for installation.

Smart Outlet

To install this type of outlet, the technician will require more than $25 to $30 per hour.

Tamper-resistant Outlet

This can be new to you and so make sure you know what is a tamper resistant outlet. It’s a safer outlet that most homeowner picks for child’s daily. The charge will be around $260 per outlet.

Rotate Outlet

The average cost to replace the older rotate outlet with a new one will be around $8 to $20. However, the total cost might include material, tax, and other expenses too.

Outdoor Outlet

One of the most expensive charges to install an outlet is the outdoor type. It will be around 1,000–1,400 dollars or more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do electricians charge so much?

It’s because of the danger and risks of electrical projects which basically makes electricians charge at a high rate. Also, the skill of the current-related laborers increases the cost per hour. 

2. How long does it take an electrician to install an outlet?

In total, you may need to invest around 30 minutes to 2 hours to install an outlet. It is a hard job that needs the expert-level skill of working in electricity to get the job done.

Electrician Pricing

Wrapping Up

Well, looks like this guide about how much do electricians charge per outlet is done. Hope you get the point of expense which you will need when calling an electrician to install an outlet.

One thing you should know is that the calculation given above might not exactly work if the expert is more or less skillful. It’s just to give you some idea.

And, the type of outlet is another aspect that can change the whole equation. So, note that when deciding the overall cost. Have A Nice Day Ahead!

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