Mini fridges have become increasingly popular over the last few years as they’re compact and perfect for the job if you’re running short on space. But regardless of the size, they require a lot of power. That being said, can you plug a mini fridge into a surge protector?

Yes, you certainly can plug your mini fridge into a surge protector. However, that isn’t always the best course of action. Even though a surge protector will protect any electrical component by absorbing voltage spikes, it will depend on the type of electrical components used inside of your mini fridge to determine if that is necessary or not.

Now, let’s go over all that you need to know about surge protectors and if plugging your mini fridge into one would be beneficial for it.


What Is a Surge Protector?

A surge protector is a device that protects electrical components and circuits from voltage spikes which are also known as surges. They are harmful for your home appliances relying on electricity. A surge can permanently destroy them by frying the circuits if it is large enough.

Even though there are different types of surge protectors all of them follow the same principles. They help to protect electrical components from power surges. The difference lies in the varying magnitude of protection.

There are three different types of surge protectors, which are as follows, service entrance surge protectors, whole home surge protectors, and receptacle surge protectors.

Fig-1: Types of Surge Protectors

Fig-1(a) shows a service entrance surge protector containing 3 terminals- load, neutral and ground terminal. On the other hand, Fig-1(b) is a whole house surge protector, usually used in main breakers. Surge protectors can also be found inside power strips like in Fig-1(b).

What Are the Specifications of Your Mini Fridge?

Voltage, current, power and frequency rating, these are the key components that contribute to the specification of any electrical device. They’re easily visible either on the package or the body of the device. These factors directly affect the choice of a surge protector.

The voltage and frequency vary depending on the country and region. As a result, knowing your household’s voltage rating and frequency is critical.

In the United States, the rated voltage and frequency are 120V and 60Hz.

A mini fridge typically consumes between 50 and 100 watts of electricity. As a result, the rated current is roughly around 2 amps.

How Do I Plug A Mini Fridge Into A Surge Protector?

In order to plug a mini fridge into a surge protector, you must use a receptacle surge protector, into which the power cord can be directly plugged in. But there are a few factors to take into condition.

Before hooking up the connection, one must ensure that both the receptacle surge protector and the mini fridge are designed for the voltage and frequency rating of your household.

If both the specification of the surge protector and the mini fridge match with your household voltage and frequency rating, you can safely plug them in without concern.

Which Surge Protector Is Right for Your Mini Fridge?

Any surge protector that complies with the voltage and ampere rating of your mini fridge is safe for plugging in your mini fridge.

However, it is strictly recommended to use a surge protector at least 5 amperes higher than the appliances are rated for.

You can easily find the rating of the surge protector carved in to its body or simply on a sticker.

Fig-2: Specification Sticker on a Surge Protectors

For example, the surge protector in Fig-2 is rated for 15 amps and anything within that range is safe to be plugged in.

Should you plug your mini fridge into a surge protector?

Yes, you definitely should. But before doing so, you should check if all the ratings and compliant with each other.

This will protect your mini fridge from any surges that might occur while it’s running, or while the power is restored after an outage.

Should you plug everything into a surge protector and What not to plug into a surge protector?

No, not everything should be plugged into a surge protector. There are a lot of electrical equipment that far exceed the maximum capability of any surge protector receptacle. Such equipment should never be plugged into a surge protector.

It could melt the surge protector and even result in a fire. Read the guide if you wanted to know what not to plug into a surge protector.

You may also be wondering; Can I plug my PC into a surge protector?”. Yes, you can. Usually, light-load appliances such as PCs, lamps, clocks etc. are recommended.

However, you should not even plug 2 or more surge protectors in the same outlet (Can You Plug 2 Surge Protectors Into The Same Outlet?) because it might overload and cause a serious accident.


Hopefully, this article has helped educate you enough to make sensible decisions on whether to plug your mini fridge into a surge protector or not, and if so, how to choose the perfect receptacle that’s compliant with your mini fridge. Time to take a quick look at the key findings:

  • Yes, you can plug your mini fridge into a surge protector.
  • Each country/region has its own voltage and frequency rating, make sure both your mini fridge and surge protector is compliant with that rating.
  • Make sure the surge protector has an ampere rating which can support your fridge.
  • Not all items should be plugged into a surge protector, light-load items are okay, but high power consuming appliances should be avoided.
  • Though possible, it is not recommended to plug two or multiple surge protectors in the same outlet.

By following these simple guidelines, you can enjoy a cold beverage anytime you want without the risk of your mini fridge being affected by a power surge.



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