You’ve worked the whole night to submit the final presentation but the laptop shuts down! Oh, it’s a power surge! What about the unsaved files? No, my friend, you aren’t getting it back again! It’s sad how all your hard work went in vain.

But you can just reverse it by adding a surge protector. Imagine what if the laptop didn’t shut off? Do I need a surge protector for my laptop- yes you do! For immediate protection and for increasing the lifespan, nothing beats a surge protector!


How Does a Surge Protector Protect a Computers Or Related Devices?

When it comes to electricity, you already know that voltage strikes are common. If you have an old electric system installed in your house, the chances of voltage strikes get higher. A transient event like a voltage strike can last a very short period.

In most cases, it will last for one to 30 microseconds. For you, it’s almost nothing but in these 30 seconds, your devices go through a lot. The worst part is though the period is short the voltage might reach over 1000 volts this harming your device especially the laptops, computers, or mobile phones. The reason behind power strikes or surges can be lightning strikes.

Power outages can cause power strikes too. There can be different electrical problems related to this. If there is any issue with the power grid in your house or office, power strikes can damage your appliances. But surge protector is designed for protecting the devices against surges like these.

If you haven’t bought one already, go and check out the best strip with USB in the market! If there are high-voltage electrical surges, your device will be protected if it’s added to a surge protector. The answer to –should I plug my PC into a surge protector is always a YES! 

Laptop and Surge Protector: The Best Protection Combo

A surge protector is a device that will help in protecting the device adding to it from voltage spikes. As the name suggests, this one is a protector for your devices.

We always recommend you get your hands on the perfect surge protector for your laptop or computer. Here, we will discuss what happens if you do not use a power surge and why you should use one!


Protects from Battery Damage

Whenever they ask – do I need a surge protector for my computer or laptop, our first answer is YES YOU DO! But does a surge protector actually work for protecting the device? What happens if you do not use a surge protector with your laptop or such devices? Well, first thing first, the battery is the powerhouse of your laptop.

You are using a surge protector to protect the device from power surges. But if you don’t use one, and there is a power surge when the laptop is switched on, your battery will be in danger! A laptop battery requires to be recharged properly and maintain the charge when it is not plugged in.

But if there is a power surge, an imbalanced current will flow which will affect the battery. And in the case of severe situations, the battery won’t take charge anymore. If the power surge is a frequent thing, chances are, the battery will take a lot of time to get charged. In some situations, it will exhaust the battery charge faster than before.

And eventually, your laptop’s battery will be dead. You don’t want to ruin the battery of your laptop right? The best thing you can do is get a surge protector and protect the laptop’s battery from situations like this.

Defends against Charger Damage

The issue you face with the battery when there is a power surge can affect the charger of your laptop too. In this case, the charger will take too much time to charge the laptop. Also, the battery won’t be charged properly.

Instead, the laptop will exhaust a lot of charges and the battery won’t run longer like before. However, a surge protector can be amazing to save you from this.

If you have plugged in the laptop with the help of a power strip surge protector, it will safeguard your charger from any sort of damage done by the power surge. Now you know what to choose when you are confused between what to do, plug PC into wall or surge protector!  

Keeps Hard Drive Fast

If you are not using a surge protector, the frequent power surges will make the hard drive of the laptop slow. When there is a power surge, the imbalanced flow of current will affect the hard drive of your laptop. This works for desktop computers too.

If the laptop is not dead then in most cases, the laptop will significantly slow down the system. For this, when you open your laptop, it will take much longer to process and will open slower than before. When you operate it, it will still be slow no matter if it’s fully charged or not.

And in the worst-case scenario, you won’t be able to open some specific files after the power surge hits your laptop hard. Though the conveniences seem minor in the case of your everyday laptop usage, they can be major too.

If the voltage of the power surge is too high, you will lose your laptop for good. However, you can look into the best strip surge protectors here; with it, the hard drive will be faster than before!

Saves the Motherboard

There are times you take your laptop to a professional and he says that the motherboard is damaged. And when it is damaged, there are fewer chances of getting back your laptop. When you go through a power surge and there is excessive voltage suddenly, it hits the motherboard of the laptop.

Too much current directed to the motherboard will damage it. And then, you won’t be able to booth up the laptop at all! It won’t be possible for you to get accessibility to the information you have stored on your laptop. Also, you won’t be able to use the device if the circumstance is too complicated.

If the backups are not ready already, you have lost them for good when you see the motherboard damaged. And this is when the surge protector can be immensely helpful.

Saves the Day

Getting the best UPS for home use and small business is the best thing before even you buy a laptop! When we use the laptop, at times, we forget to save things. Suppose you are working on a project and you haven’t saved the files or documents.

Though this is the age of Google Docs not everyone prefers it! Also, if the laptop shuts off during the work for a power surge, you won’t be able to gather the done work just because they were not saved. In this case, even if the laptop stays fine after you have taken it to a professional; you will lose the time and won’t get back the unsaved items.

Instead, you have to work once again on the same project. But if the surge protector is added to the laptop when it occurs, your laptop won’t be shut down suddenly.

You can do your work peacefully without any interruption! However, if you think a surge protector is making the room messy, go and have a look at some wall mount surge protectors here!

Wrap Up

Some people will tell you once again that you don’t need a surge protector to protect your laptop- the wall outlet is enough.

But we recommend you use a surge protector for your laptop. If you don’t want slow or severe damage to the laptop’s battery, motherboard, hard drive, save files, etc. back it up with the protector. It is named a protector for a reason!

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