Have you ever had the feeling that the ceiling fan over your head is about to break free from the ceiling and falling on you? Yes, many of us often think of such a deadly thing. In reality I have not seen such a thing happening. But is there a chance of a fan calling on you?

The chances of a ceiling fan falling on you is very low. If the fan is properly installed to a hanger that is joint to the joist of the ceiling, the chances are almost zero.

However, if there is a mounting bracket separately attached, then maintaining the protocol is a must, otherwise there can be chances of such an accident.There are various facts that defines the possibilities. I will be guiding to throughout the whole discussion.

What Are The Chances Of A Ceiling Fan Falling On You

How Much Does A Ceiling Fan Weight?

A ceiling fan can weight from 8 lbs to 50 lbs. There are various types of ceiling fan available in the market. The sizes of them also vary. With the increase in the size of a fan, the weight also increases. The weight I am talking about is the weight of the fan in stationary condition.

When a ceiling fan is rotating, there is a constant vibration that increases the downward pressure.

Thus, the acting weight while rotating is more than the stationary condition. Besides this, the vibrations create stress on the mounting bracket. So, a weak hanger can be disastrous. learn more..

What Are The Chances Of A Ceiling Fan Falling On You?

The chances are almost zero if the fan is hung properly with a strong hanging mechanism. But the opposite situation can make a difference.

If the hanger is not strong enough to take the load of the fan, that is, the ceiling box is not connected to the joist or the mounting bracket not strongly attached- can lead to a ceiling fan falling occurrence.

Like I said, the fan is not a light device. So, without a strong hanger it can fall anytime. Now there are many other facts, that should be brought in to concern. For example:

Structure Of Your Ceiling

If the ceiling is made of strong concrete with rods inside, the ceiling will be able to withstand a lot of loads. In that case, a ceiling junction connected to the joist is a very strong hanger for any ceiling fan.

Hanging Mechanism of Your Ceiling Fan

You can hang your ceiling fan in various ways. You can hang from a ceiling junction which may be connected to the joist, a really strong mechanism. Or you can use a mounting bracket to hang your fan which is a good option also but the previous one is stronger.

If the hanging mechanism is a mounting bracket, you must abide by the protocols. Not maintaining the safety limits can result in disasters.

Natural Disasters or Earthquakes:

Sometimes very strong natural disasters can cause great damages. Suppose, you do not have a concrete house, rather your ceiling is not a strong one and there is an earthquake. There is a chance your ceiling fan can fall.


If the fan is totally ok, the ceiling is good but the installation is faulty, there is a good chance your fan can fall off anytime. So, installation is a vital part for the mounting of your ceiling fan.

All these factors can be brought into consideration to determine the chances of your ceiling fan to fall off. Anyway, from practical experiences I would say, the chances are very low.

How Do I Know If My Ceiling Fan Is Going To Fall Off?

Normally a ceiling fan does not fall off. But if you notice wobbling or shaking of the fan while rotating you can consider that a sign of danger. If such incident happens instantly turn off your fan to check the screws and hangers. If there is any fault found, you should know your fan may fall off if turned on again.

If you find your fan is about to fall off it is better to remove it from the ceiling immediately for the time being before re-installing it properly. You should know how to take down a hunter fan or how to remove a Hampton Bay ceiling fan if you are using one of these.

What Are the Odds Of A Ceiling Fan Falling?

The chances are almost zero. A ceiling fan does not generally fall due to the weight. It may fall due to faulty installation or weaken materials used to hang it up. Since metal is mostly used, the odds of a ceiling fan falling is very low.

Are Ceiling Fans Dangerous?

No, ceiling fans are not dangerous. But it is a heavy device, so hanging a fan without proper setup can be dangerous since it can fall anytime. A properly installed ceiling fan is totally safe.

Many people may think is it safe to leave fans all the time or is it dangerous to use ceiling fan for long periods of time. If you are using a good fan, a little bit of overtime working is not dangerous for the fan.

Can You Die If A Ceiling Fan Falls On You?

Death is very uncertain. You may not die if a ceiling fan falls on you, but it can cause you serious damage, especially if the fan was rotating while falling. Besides a falling fan can be deadly for babies or children.

How Many Ceiling Fan Deaths Per Year?

Deaths due to ceiling fan falling is very rare. There is no official data regarding this. But it is supposed that there are approximately 10 deaths per year due to such accidents.


If you had anxiety over the fact that whether your ceiling fan may fall on you, I think you found the right article for you here. After going through the article, I believe you have come to learnt more facts about ceiling fan. In short, I would say, if your fan is installed properly, you should not be worrying about it falling on you.

All the facts are already described in the article. I would remind you to often run a checkup on your ceiling fan if you sense anything wrong. Otherwise, there is nothing much to worry about. Relax man!