There are times where a downrod or hanging ceiling fan can prove an issue. In rooms with low ceilings, they can make the room seem quite cramped. In such cases, a flush mount looks more favorable. So naturally, you may ask, can I convert downrod ceiling fan to flush mount?

The short answer is yes; however, the process is a bit time-consuming. It also must be carefully undertaken, and here this guide will instruct you on the process.

Can I Convert Downrod Ceiling Fan To Flush Mount

Advantages Of Flush Mount Over Downrods

In regards to flush mount vs downrod ceiling fans, flush mounts can save space. For a room with low ceilings, this can be a huge improvement. Flush mounts also tend to be more secure with their connections and thus are seen as much safer than downrods.

Important Considerations For The Conversion

There are some things to keep in mind before you decide to convert a downrod into a flush mount. Firstly, some people ask, “can you make any ceiling fan flush mount?” The answer is no. Not all ceiling fans are designed for this type of installation so you will need to confirm with your maker or manufacturer for more details.

Secondly, another question is “can you flush mount a ceiling fan with a downrod?” The answer is also no, as having a downrod in that installation will defeat the purpose and make the conversion impossible.

Finally, you can replace your flush mount ceiling fan with light if you want. Most of the wiring remains the same, so if you need one less fan and need more brightness, you can make a quick change. Similarly, after making the conversion from downrod to flush mount, you can connect a light instead.

How to Convert Downrod Ceiling Fan to Flush Mount | Step-by-step Process

Here we will detail the process. Carefully follow the steps below:

  1. First and most importantly, you will need to turn the power off to your fan. If your fan remote is not working, it is recommended to turn off the switch or the circuit breaker
  2. Take the appropriate screwdriver and begin to slowly take the screws off from the fan’s body. It is recommended to have someone help and hold the fan to make removal easier.
  3. Unscrew the mounting brackets and then take the fan down
  4. Remove the nuts on the wires and disconnect them from the fan
  5. Next, you can begin to unscrew the downrod and slowly remove it
  6. You can now opt to place the fan motor directly near the ceiling electrical box. An alternative is to use a small rod to make the connection easier. However, this will reduce space
  7. Then, you will need to properly adjust the wiring. Either refer to a manual of your model for the electrical connections or request the help of an electrician. You can shorten wires if needed
  8. Now connect the flush mount and slowly bring up the fan
  9. Connect the fan to the mount
  10. Turn the fan on to see if it is working or not


So the answer to the question, can I convert downrod ceiling fan to flush mount, is yes, you can. But you need to make sure your model of fan can work with a flush mount. Before conversion, you should also get a manual depicting the electrical connections, as you will need to change them.

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