Having a 3-way switch for controlling one light fixture is often the case. But sometimes not. For example, someone considering getting 3-way switches for their workshop’s plug-in lights multiple outlets could be a very possible case. And in that scene willing to wire a 3-way switch with multiple outlets would require a different than the usual method.

Well, let me share how to wire a 3-way switch with multiple outlets using a very basic method that still is enough easy to conduct by anyone.

How to Wire a 3-way Switch with Multiple Outlets

But Can a Switch Control Multiple Outlets?

Yes, you can do that without trying anything fishy. There are many occasions where multiple outlets share the same control. And in the case of a 3-way switch also, it is very much possible.

Wiring 3 Way Switches with Multiple Lights.

Before I get into the method, it’ll be best if some things are clarified. Such as can you use 2 wire for a 3-way switch? It’s not going to serve as a 3-way switch if you go with only two wires. So no, you should consider going with just 2 wires. Now moving on to the wiring.

To make things easier for understanding, I’ll use only two light fixtures. However, if there’s a need for adding more, then too this 3-way switch wiring diagram shall help. You just have to consider the exact wiring arrangement and duplicate it for every additional fixture.

The source here is close to switch one. And then there’s a 3-wire cable that runs from it. Then it enters 1st light fixture. Between each of the light fixtures, there must be two 2-wire cables.

And then for last light going towards the second switch, there would be another 3-wire cable. Here’s the wiring diagram to follow.

Wiring a 3-Way Switches with Multiple Lights Diagram

Now focus on these pointers on how to install 3-way switch with multiple outlets, two in this case:

  • To have multiple outlets with 3-way switch, the hot source from circuit should attach to the 3 way switch common wire terminal.
  • The neutral wire then splices into white wire. And then it runs towards the lights basically.
  • Once again it gets spliced at neutral terminal pigtail in light one.
  • It gets spliced again and then runs toward the light two with white wire.
  • The white wire at light two then joins with neutral terminal on light fixture directly.
  • In case of adding more lights, the wire must be spliced to fixture. Also, to the next light running white wire.
  • Then you’ll use the 2nd cable black and white wires for running travelers between the light fixtures.
  • To continue to 2nd switch’s traveler terminals, once again they spice. And this happens at the last light.
  • They won’t connect to light fixtures at any point.
  • Black tape is used for wrapping around the white traveler wire to identify it as hot.

Wrapping Up

And that was how to wire a 3-way switch with multiple outlets. It’s not really difficult if you have some idea of how the installation of a 3-way switch usually goes. Only the part that this includes not one but many light fixture makes it confusing, but hopefully, this guide was able to give you some insight. Also, there is more than just this method to install 3-way switch with multiple outlets.

Well, on that note, I’ll be leaving for today, bye!

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