A surge protector is a device used as electrical switch gear.It protects electrical devices from voltage spike or surge in Ac current. Apc smart surge protector is an ideal surge protector now a days for the protection of your home appliances.

To reset an APC smart surge protector, you need to use the mobile app to unregister the APC protector and then again re-register it. When the re-register is complete setup your device like a newly found one to complete the reset procedure of the APC smart surge protector.

I am going to teach more about surge protectors, especially APC smart surge protector reset procedure in details.


What is a Smart Surge Protector ?

A smart surge protector is a modern form of surge protector that uses an app which allows the user to control it remotely from any place.

It contains the basic protection of a surge protector which protects the appliances from sudden surges as well as adds an extra dimension of the smart technlogy.

What is an APC Smart Surge Protector?

APC is a renowned brand for the manufacturing of smart surge protectors. Normally it has six outlets, three of these can be contolled individually using the Apc Home mobile app on any andriod or Ios device even when you are  not at home.

Besides these it has four usb ports as well, two of which are available for smart control. You can easily use the Apc smart surge protector with voice command as well. You can set timer when you need to put off the power of any specific outlet during a certain time of the day.


Why a Surge Protector Needs to be Reset?

We need to reset our surge protector to restore the protection after a power surge back to normal again.

A surge protector generally protects our valuable electrical devices by deverting high voltage surge into the ground, so that the high voltage surge can’t pass through our appliances.

If the protector is turned off after a surge, you will need to reset it.

How to Reset a Surge Protector?

You can reset a regular surge protector by pressing the reset switch or plug out all the devices and then restart the surge protector to reset. To be more specific I am going to give a brief about the steps:

  • At first turn off all the appliances that are connected to the surge protector.
  • Unplug the appliances from the protector.
  • Press the reset button on the surge protector to complete the reset.
  • If the reset button is absent, simply turn off the surge protector and then turn it on again.

How to reset APC smart surge protector ?

To reset your APC smart surge protector you will need the mobile app to unregister the device followed by registering it again and then finally setup the protector to complete reseting.

It is not like the reset procedure of a normal surge protector. So, let’s break it down to detailed steps:

  • To reset your APC smart surge protector at first you have to go to the APC Home Mobile app & unregister your device.
  • Then you need to re-register the device again using the app.
  • You need to hold the outlet 1 switch for five seconds.
  • Then you need to enter into the set up mood in the app & use the ‘add device’ function to complete the set up. Doing so your surge protector will be reset.

When You need to turn off your Surge protector & when to reset ?

If you see any bad storm is coming near by or there is a chance of lighning, it will be best for you to turn off all important electronic home appliances & unplug your surge protector completely.

If a power surge just occur you need to reset your surge protector to check if the device is ok or not.

How to tell whether your Apc smart surge protector working or not?

While using your Apc smart surge protector if the red indicator light goes off or blinks it means your surge protector is not working properly it needs to be reset or replaced.

What type of surge protector is ideal for home surge protection?

In a modern home while using different smart electrical home appliances it’s better to use a smart Home Surge Protector which can be controlled through voice command & Mobile apps even when you are away from home.

You will find best power strip with usb connection like Apc smart surge protector in the stores.

How long should you keep your surge protector?

The average life span of a surge protector are three to five years for normal home appliances.

But if your home face sudden balckouts or brownouts you should replace it in every two years. In this case you should know how to tell if a surge protector is bad or not


After reading this article you should be able to know when & how to reset your Apc smart surge protector. There are always some confusions when it comes to the operation of electrical devices.

While using your Apc smart surge protector if you fell any time that your surge protector is not ok just follow the procedure which are described earlier in this article to reset your surge protector. It’s very simply. Go for it buddy! Good luck!

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