Folks who are wanting to change the power phase should know the current bill of single or 3 phases. With a stable comparison of them, I understand which one is beneficial.

So, In 3-phase vs single-phase electricity cost, who’s the winner? Well, for residential use, the single phase will let you have less electricity bills, but it’ll be a bad choice if you have to use more machines. For industrial use, the 3 phase is an ideal pick.

In this guide, I’ll explain this matter in detail and show why the 3 or 1 phases are good for electricity costs in different fields. Here I Go!

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Comparing the Costs of 3 Phase vs Single Phase Electricity:

Just like the battle of the 2 phase vs 3 phase, this argument is trendy. To know the basic differences between the 3 and 1 phases of the electricity cost, look below: 

Residential & Industrial Use

In most cases, the 3 phases need more kWh than 1 phase which causes the electrical cost to raise. But know that, the same thing might show a diverse result if you think of another environment.

For home and residential electricity purposes, the 1 phase would show less kWh and save bucks compared to its rival side. Meaning the single phase will give less electricity bill.

Does 3 phase use less electricity or 1 phase in commercial use? Yes, the 3 phase uses power which is less in kWh while the single-phase needs more to pass the current through one phase line. Meaning the 3 phases will save electricity bills a lot in the long term.

This also causes the 1 phase to make vibration and inefficiency. In this factor, the 3 phase will need less cost to flow electricity compared to the single phase.

  • Winner: Both.

Power & Efficiency

If looking at the wider sight, the 3 phases might cost a lot more than the 1 phase. However, the 3 phases will require less electrical power to flow from transmission to home distribution.

In the 1 phase, the need for electrical power to shift from transmission to home distribution will be slightly higher even if it uses a 1-ø system.

What is cheaper to run 3 phase or single phase? In this matter, the 3-phase system (based on power supply from the main line) is economical unlike the 1 phase for the long run.

  • Winner: 3 phases.

Maintenance & Care

The reason why is 3 phases cheaper than 1 phase can be spilled if you think of maintenance. In the long run, the 3 phases will cost less with the repair or care stuff, unlike the single phase.

This as well means you have more bucks to save from electrical repairs. On the other hand, the 1 phase will need regular repairs which might trouble a lot with a huge price.

  • Winner: 3 phases.

How Much Does It Cost to Run 3 Phase & 1 Phase Power?

To know the electricity cost of the 3-phase and single-phase, you can find that using a general rule.

For the single phase, 

Kilowatt-Hours = {Volts x (Volts/1000) x Power Factor} / 1000.

For 3 phases,

Kilowatt-Hours = {Volts x (Volts/1000) x Power Factor x 1.732} / 1000.

Electricity Cost = Kilowatt-Hours x Electricity Rate (which is $6 – $8 at max).

Through this equation, one can easily understand the difference in their electricity cost. Depending on the kilowatt hour and electrical rate, the electricity cost of these phases will be different. 

Here’s an imaginary example of the above equation:



Electricity Rate

Electricity Cost (Per Day)

Electricity Cost (Per Year)

1 Phase

1 – 10 kWh

$6 – $8

$6 – $80

$72 – $960

1 Phase

8 – 12kWh

$6 – $8

$48 – $96

$576 – $1,152

3 Phase

30 – 40 kWh

$6 – $8

$180 – $320

$2,160 – $3,840

3 Phase

50 – 100 kWh

$6 – $8

$300 – $800

$3,600 – $9,600

Wrapping Up

That’s all that you should know about the 3-phase vs single-phase electricity cost matter. Both will do great for separate purposes.

If you want to use more machines at once, the best type is 3 phase that will support in electricity cost. However, for residential or home use, the single phase is ideal.

In order to determine which wire is what, check 3 phase and single phase wire color code. Hope this guide helps you to know the real information. Have A Nice Day Ahead!

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