It is very common for people to encounter fire once in a life time. Faulty wirings and overloaded appliances are the main reason behind this woe. Fire extinguisher is the most common way of stopping it. However, sometimes we don’t have that luxury in our hand and must rely on other means. SO, is it possible to stop spreading fire without Fire extinguisher?

Yes, you can put out a fire using other ways. Using fire blankets or thick blanket, using baking soda and removing the oxygen source might help to prevent electrical fire from spreading.

I am going to talk about some techniques that will come handy if you ever have to face such situation where there is no fire extinguisher present.

How To Put Out Electrical Fire Without Extinguisher

What Are The Most Common Causes For Electrical Fire?

Electrical fire can occur due to short circuits, failure or malfunction within the electrical components of equipment or machinery.

Basically, the fires originate from electric wires, cables circuit breakers, and within electrical components. Below, we’ve identified the most common causes of electrical fires.

Short Circuit:

The most common reason of electrical fire is short circuits. During short circuit a huge number of current rushes in which results in melting of wires due to excessive heat. This leads to fire.

Cheap outlets and components:

Cheap and under rated components cannot handle the rated current. Often, they get damaged by the incoming current. This can lead to sparks and fire.

We should be careful and shrewd before buying electrical equipment. Safety is the main priority here and we should spend a major portion of our budget in buying quality electrical appliances.

Faulty electrical outlets and aging appliances:

Faulty and outdated electrical equipment can generate dangerous levels of heat, igniting surfaces like rugs and curtains and may start a fire.

Portable Heaters/Space Heaters:

Putting an electric heater too close to combustible surfaces such as curtains, bedding and furniture is a leading cause of house fires.

Poor Maintenance:

Poor maintenance can be primary cause of electrical fires. Performing regular maintenance on electrical panels will reduce the risk of fire.

Maintenance includes removing dirt and dust and inspecting and replacing faulty circuit breakers.

How To Put Out Electrical Fire Without Extinguisher?

You can use other methods like- covering the place with thick clothes to cut off the oxygen supply, pouring salt or baking soda, cut off the electrical power line etc. Let’s look in to the matter with details.

Cut Off the Power Supply:

Disconnecting the electrical line plays a crucial role in case of electrical fire. If you have an electrical fire that has started in an appliance that plugs in, such as a portable heater, you should immediately unplug it.

If the electrical fire originates from a wall or in an appliance that you can’t get to unplug, try to turned off the main power. If you can safely get to the electrical switch or the electrical panel, go there and kill the power.

Cover The Fire with Thick Cloth:

The first thing you need to do is to cut off the oxygen supply to the fire. In that case, you can use a thick cloth to cover the fire.

This helps in cutting the oxygen supply. The fire ultimately gets weak and stops when it does not get enough oxygen. Don’t forget to keep yourself at a safe distance while doing so.

Pouring Salt & Baking Soda:

It is found that pouring salt can minimize fire. But in that case, you need to have enough salt at stock. The same thing can be done with baking soda too but use these things for small fire.

Safety Measures In Case Of Exigency

Electrical fires might cause serious damage if not put out safely. When things go out of hand take emergency measure. Like-

Call 911:

Calling an emergency service can be a lifesaving step. If a fire is developing and you cannot get the electricity turned off or it is growing rapidly, call 911.

Usually, the fire departments are very responsive and willing to risk their life for saving the victims

Emergency Evacuation:

It is important to know you can get out of the danger zone. If you cannot see any opening for evacuation search immediately for another route.

If you find one you should take it and let the fire department fight the fire. It is better to stay safe than trapped in a fire zone.

What Should You Never Use To Put Out An Electrical Fire?

Try not to use water if you are sure the fire originates from electrical cables. You should never throw water on an electrical fire as water conducts electricity and you could be electrocuted. And hence the situation might be worse.

Can You Put Out an Electrical Fire with Water?

The answer is NO and Never. If water is released or poured onto the source of this type of fire, there is a higher chance that the water can carry an electric charge back to you or other people in the proximity.

This happens because water has the ability to carry electricity. If an electrical charge is conducted through the water to a person or animal, it can lead to deadly electrocution.

Will Water Put Out An Electrical Fire?

No! Rather it conducts electricity and can deliver a potentially deadly electric shock.

Try to use other available nearby resources ASAP to fight electrical fire but do not use water instead.

Some Safety Measures To Always Keep In Mind

To reduce the damage from electrical fire, prevention is the most effective method. Here are some top safety tips to keep in mind to ensure electrical fires never occur on your watch.

An electrical fire is known as a Class C fire, and so requires a Class C fire extinguisher. Try to have a Class C fire extinguisher at your hand. Spend some money on it because life’s priority is most.

Always be ready for an accidental fire and know the risk of using electrical equipment.


Electrical fires are dangerous   than normal fires. It is hard to wipe out if the fire big enough. A fire extinguisher can be a life saver in these situations. But when you don’t have one, you need to think with a cool head. This article guides you to tackle such situations. It can be a real life saving guide in case of such emergencies.

If you ever find yourself in such a position, do not panic, try to find a thick cloth if you think the fire is not big enough. If there is some salt or baking soda, throw them towards the fire. Never ever use water in case of electric fire. Finally, if you think things are out of your hand, just get out of there. Be safe!

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