Electrical wires inside walls can often get damaged due to various reasons. So electricity cannot pass through the cables properly and may even result in accidents.

Therefore, one must know how to fix a cut electrical wire in a wall.

You will need some special equipment for the task. So the first step is to gather these items. The steps after that are as follows, turning off the power, locating the cut wire segment, and finally fixing the wire.

This article will help you to learn about the procedure of fixing a cut wire within a wall and how to troubleshoot this problem.

How To Fix A Cut Electrical Wire In A Wall

Necessary Equipment Needed

In order to fix a cut wire within a wall, there are a few special tools needed along with the common ones. The list of the needed equipment is provided below.

List of needed equipment:

Fig 1- A Tone Generator and Probe Kit
Fig 1- A Tone Generator and Probe Kit
  1. Tone Generator and Probe: It is also called a signal generator (Fig 1). This will be used to send signals through the damaged wire to locate the area of damage. Without this tool, the damaged section of the wire will be significantly hard, if not impossible to locate.
  2. Drywall Saw: As the wire will be situated within the wall, you will most likely have to cut through the wall in order to mend it. Instead of using a drywall saw, you could also use power tools if you prefer.
  3. Fish Tape: Fish tape is a tool used by electricians primarily for pulling electrical or other wires through conduits. It will help if the wire has to be pulled through a tight space.
  4. Voltage Tester: Any type of voltage tester, such as a non-contact voltage tester, to check for voltage during the task.
  5. Electrical Connectors/Tape: Electrical connectors or tape will be used to connect or repair the damaged wires.
  6. Electrical Boxes: Electrical boxes with a cover plate will help to cover up the holes as well as provide future access to the wire if necessary.
  7. Screwdrivers: For opening electrical boxes or the main panel if the need arises.
  8. Wire Cutters: To properly cut the wires so that they may be connected properly.
  9. Rubber Gloves and Boots: Safety is a must for electrical operations. Before proceeding with any task regarding electricity, make sure to have safety equipment such as a rubber glove and boot equipped.

These are some of the most common tools you will require to fix a cut electrical wire in a wall.

Steps for turning off the power:

It is dangerous to work with live wires. Hence it is necessary to turn off the power before working with electricity. The steps are as follows.

  1. Open the main panel.
  2. Turn off the main breaker that supplies power to all other circuits.
  3. Use the voltage tester to ensure that there is no power.
  4. Locate the breaker which runs the circuit containing the cut wire.
  5. Remove the breaker.
  6. Once again check to make sure there is no electricity flowing through the wires.

Locating and Fixing the Cut Wire

Before we can move on to fixing the damaged segment of the wire we must locate it. We can locate it using a tone generator. The step-by-step process is provided below.

Can a cut wire be fixed? Definitely. But it might be a challenge for a few to locate the problem. I will simplify the instructions so that they are easier to understand.

Steps to locate the cut wire segment:

Fig 2- Using the Tone Generator
Fig 2- Using the Tone Generator
  1. The black wire of the tone generator has to be clipped on either the black or red wire of the damaged circuit.
  2. Make sure to put it in the “Tone” (Fig 2) mode before proceeding further.
  3. Push the button on the probe to turn it on.
  4. Keep moving it along the wall until you stop getting a signal. This is an indication that it is where the damage is located.
  5. Mark the location.
  6. However, if you do not find the stopping point of the signal, connect the black clip of the tone generator to the other wire and try again.

Fixing the Cut Wire Segment:

How do you fix a cut that has been wired? While difficult, it is not impossible.

  1. Once you have marked the location of the damage, mark out two other locations approximately a foot apart along the path of the damaged electrical wire.
  2. Make two holes here in the size of electrical boxes using a drywall saw, or power tools of your preference.
  3. Cut the wire through both of these holes, and make sure to not lose the ends.
  4. Attach the electrical boxes and put both the wires through them.
  5. Remove the middle piece. You will see signs of damage on it. This is the damaged segment of your wire.
  6. Acquire a new piece of wire, longer than the piece you removed.
  7. Use the wire cutters/strippers to strip a portion of the wire to make it easier to connect.
  8. The next step is to connect them. Can you splice electrical wire in a wall? No, they need to be in an electrical box with a cover plate to provide future access to the splice point.
  9. Connect one end of the new wire to one end of the previous wire. Can electrical tape fix a cut wire? You may use them, but make sure to make the connection secure.
  10. Using the fish tape, pull the other end of the new wire through the other hole.
  11. Connect the other end of the new wire to the other side of the wire.
  12. Make sure the connections are secure.
  13. Use the tone selector again on both the black and red wire to make sure that a signal can be detected all the way through.

Now you know how to fix a cut electrical wire in a wall.


This article provides you with the answer to how to fix a cut electrical wire in a wall. All the details of the entire procedure have been provided throughout the article in a step-by-step fashion.

Sometimes it might be difficult to locate the cut. Or to get access to it. Do not hesitate to call a professional in such a case.

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