Dryers are used in great numbers in the country. It is a sophisticated device like a washing machine with a sensitive circuit board. It can easily get damaged to the electrical surges that can happen anytime. So, can you plug your dryer to a surge protector for safety?

Yes, you can. Considering some facts while choosing the right protector for your dryer, you can ensure its safety. The main facts are the capacity and the energy consumption rating in joule.

Dryers are expensive appliances that run for a quite a long time during operation. So, it is important to keep it protected with the right surge protector. I am going to give you an overall idea about the topic below.

Is It Safe To Plug A Dryer Into A Surge Protector?

Is Dryer Sensitive To Surges?

Since dryer is an electrical and electronic based item, it is sensitive to surges. It can be damaged anytime by a surge. Surges have very high amount of voltage that the appliances cannot handle.

 There are a number of parts in a dryer. The electrical components are mainly the motor, blower, etc and the heat control components are consisted of electronic parts.

All these items have a significant voltage rating. Supplying voltage much higher than the rated voltage results in damage and failure.

So, to make sure the parts remain safe, we need to build a protection system that is sensitive to power surges.

Can You Plug A Dryer Into A Surge Protector?

It is totally okay to plug your dryer into a surge protector with proper ratings. By proper ratings I mean it should be able to handle the dryer.

Surge protectors’ main task is to consume the excessive electrical energy during power surges and keep your dryer safe from high voltage.

It is like, if you want to save yourself from a bunch of criminals, we have to be strong enough to handle them. Here your strength is comparable to the strength of a surge protector. And the criminals are the power surges.

If you choose a low rated protector, they are never going to give you the protection you need. The same goes for power strips too. To know more check How many watts can a power strip handle. Let me teach you the basics here.


What Is The Energy Consumption Of A Dryer?

A dryer has a power rating of around 1800 to 5000 watts. The rating depends of the size and capacity of the dryer. The rated voltage can be either 120 Volts or 240 Volts.

These ratings are very important while choose the right surge protector and cables. In case of a surge protector there are terms like clamping voltage rating, energy consumption rating etc.

How To Choose A Surge Protector For Your Dryer?

While choosing the right surge protector you need to know the power ratings of your dryer. Depending on them you have to choose the protector by the rating of its clamping voltage, power capacity and joule rating.

Clamping voltage is an important term for a surge protector. It’s a measurement of the protector at which the surge is attenuated.

For example, if there is a surge of 4000 Volts, but the surge protector attenuates most of it and only a voltage of 400 is visible in the circuit, then 400 Volts is the clamping voltage.

The joule rating shows the energy consumption ability of a surge protector. A higher joule rating indicates more surge power handling ability. So it is better to have a high joule rating.

Which Is The Best Surge Protector For Dryer?

A surge protector with 1000 to 2000 joule rating is recommended for a dryer. The clamping voltage should be low as possible. A good surge protector has a clamping voltage of maximum 400 volts.

Tripp Lite surge protectors are one of the best choices right now. There are several models in the market from this brand. The Isobar Ultra 2 is rated 1410 Joule with a 15 Amp circuit breaker. It is a well recommended surge protector for a dryer or a washing machine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As always I am going to answer the related questions that always ignite your mind. I know how it feels when you don’t get the questions you are looking for. So, I am going to answer the questions related to this topic.

1. What is a 3 prong dryer surge protector?

In most cases dryers and washing machines do not use the regular plug and outlets. They use a 3 prong plug. These 3 prongs consists of two line voltage supply and a neutral terminal.

If the use of washing machine is very less, you can use without a surge protector. But adding a protector is like giving insurance for the machine. So, you can run your machine without a protector. To make sure the device remains safe, you will need a surge protector.

2. Can A Power Surge Destroy A Dryer?

Yes, power surges can destroy a dryer. In fact it can destroy any electrical and electronic based device. The high pressure created during a surge is too much to handle for an unprotected device.

3. Is It Safe To Plug A Dryer Into A Surge Protector?

Yes, it is safe to plug your dryer into a surge protector as long as the protector is the right one for it. If the capacity of the protector matches the capacity of the dryer’s as well as the energy consumption rating is high enough, it is safe to plug the dryer into the protector.

Can You Use The Same Surge Protector For Both Dryer And Washer?

As long as the surge protector is strong enough to handle the capacities of both dryer and washer, it is okay to use. A low rated surge protector may be overloaded and catch in fire. So, to use both of them in one protector, the ratings should be high and equivalent to the summation of the both. For a clearer knowledge you can check can you plug a washing machine into a surge protector?


Ultimately you can see that it is totally okay to plug your dryer into a surge protector. But you have to follow the things I have said in this article.

This article is an ideal guide for you if you want to know anything about plugging your dryer into a protector.

So, if you are not clear about the concepts yet, just go through the article and find everything you need to know.

And if you have made up your mind that it is high time you gave your little dryer some protection, no need to wait.

Just choose the right one and get going. Good luck buddy!

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