Did you just buy an air conditioner and look for the right extension cord for the machine?

This is indeed the best place to find the right extension cord for air conditioner. Which is the best extension cable for air conditioner? What kind of cord can you use for an air conditioner?

As an air conditioner is a heavy-duty large electrical device, you must find a suitable extension cord for the machine. While choosing the best cord such as Powtech or Qualihome, you should consider the right wire gauge and the right voltage for the highest safety.

This article comes with some of the best extension cord for an air conditioner with their best features, pros, and cons so that you can choose one wisely.

Let’s get started!

Before starting with the detailed review, let’s have a short look at the extension cords that’ll be discussed below:

Best Extension Cord for Air Conditioner

Choosing the Best Extension Cord for Air Conditioner

Okay, let’s get it clear that choosing an extension cord for an air conditioner isn’t as same as for small electrical appliances. This time, the cord should be of industrial grade that can handle heavy electrical loads.

We use extension cords to ensure the appliance doesn’t get overloaded with excess power. So, durability and reliability are very important for finding the right power cable for an air conditioner.

Here in this part, I’ll talk about some of the important factors that should be considered when choosing an extension cord for your AC.


Durability is probably one of the most desirable features of an extension cord for an air conditioner. It should withstand repeated usage every day. An air condition lasts for years and the extension cord should also last for years as it is difficult to choose the right one and make an arrangement for that.

Again, technicians come once in a while to fix the air conditioning system. They may drag the cord at different places. It should be able to withstand those situations.

Wire Gauge

Being a heavy-duty electrical appliance, an air conditioning system requires a lot of electricity to flow through the cord. That’s why it is recommended to go for the thicker extension cords. The industrial-grade thick cords work much better than the average household extension cords as they can handle more power with safety.

By now you should know the thicker the wire, the lower the gauge number is. For example, a 12-gauge extension cord is thicker and works better in the case of handling an air conditioning system than a 15-gauge extension cord.

Power Rating

It is very important to know the power rating of your air conditioner and choose the right extension cord based on the rating. The amperage, voltage, and wattage of the cord should complement that of the appliance. Otherwise, accidents may occur anytime.

Length of the Cord

When it comes to selecting the length of the cord, it is recommended not to use an extension cord having more than 50 feet. However, if the electrical appliance is close to the AC power source, you should stick within the 10-15 feet range.

The main reason to choose a short-length extension cord is that the longer the cable will be, the more internal resistance it will have. High internal resistance causes voltage drop which is harmful to HVAC.

Three-Pronged Grounding

When choosing an extension cord for an air conditioner, find a three-prong mouth at the end of the cord. A three-pronged grounding ensures the safety of the electrical appliance by grounding it when plugged into the cord outlet.

Two-pronged grounding cords also can handle high electric flow but they aren’t as safe as the three-pronged plugs. Even sometimes, professionals advise putting a three-pronged cord instead of a two-pronged cord.


The best air conditioner extension cord should be well insulated to eliminate heat loss or exchange to the external environment. There are different types of insulation used on the cords while vinyl insulation is the most common one.

No matter which insulation the cord has, make sure it is well-protected. They shouldn’t have any overheating issues which may trigger fire hazards.

Best Air Conditioner Extension Cord Review

As said already, extension cords for an air conditioner should be robust and able to handle the high current flow. Based on the customer reviews and recommendations, I listed the following products with their best features.

1. POWTECH Heavy-duty Extension Cor

POWTECH Heavy duty 20 FT Air Conditioner and Major Appliance Extension Cord

Key features

  • Number of outlets: 1
  • Voltage: 125 volts
  • Amperage: 15 Amps
  • Wattage: 1875 Watts
  • Cord length: 20ft
  • Wire Gauge: 14

POWTECH heavy-duty extension cord is designed only for air conditioners and other major electronic appliances. The grounded three-pronged cord is heavily insulated, UL listed and can handle heavy electrical loads.

Vinyl Material Insulation

The 14-gauge power cord with its top-quality construction includes vinyl material insulation which makes it resistive against overheating and fire accidents.

The protective material also protects the cord from moisture, abrasion, dust, and the effects of exposure to sunlight. The PVC layer on the plug makes it resistant to water, oil, and UV rays.

Angled Plug

The best 14 gauge extension cord for the refrigerator and the air conditioner come with an angled plug that lets you connect or remove the plug easily from the main power source.

Also, being a UL-listed extension cord, it is certified to have all safety features and can be trusted.

The best extension cord for refrigerator and the air conditioner comes in grey color and weighs around 2 lbs. with a high power rating of 1875 watts. The cable comes in different lengths starting from 3ft to 25ft.


  • Heavy-duty vinyl insulation
  • Angled plug helps connect within tight places
  • UL listed
  • High power rating


  • Price is higher than other heavy-duty cords

2. Qualihome Air Conditioner Extension Cord

Heavy Duty Air Conditioner and Major Appliance Extension Cord Wire

Key features

  • Number of outlets: 1
  • Voltage: 125 volts
  • Amperage: 15 Amps
  • Wattage: 1875 Watts
  • Cord length: 9ft
  • Wire Gauge: 14

Qualihome is well recognized for producing high-quality products and considering users’ convenience. The heavy-duty extension cord is one of the best extension cords for major electrical appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators.

Sturdy Extension Cord

The heavy-duty Qualihome extension cord is made of high-quality material and that’s why it is sturdy enough to handle major appliances. For the same reason why, the cord lasts for years.

It includes heavy-duty vinyl insulation as well. The insulation makes the cord resistant to heat, water, and moisture. It also disables rates of biting and damaging the cord.

Grip Grooves

The cable includes grip grooves so that you can connect and disconnect them with ease. The Type B plug format cord also features an angled plug which allows you to use it in tight spaces.

Qualihome extension cord is only 9ft in length. However, despite being short in length, the cord has a strong power rating. If your air conditioner is close to the supply source, this cord is perfect for you.


  • High-quality construction with insulation
  • Includes grip grooves
  • ETL listed


  • Not UL listed

3. Clear Power Indoor/Outdoor Extension Cord

Clear Power 12 ft Indoor:Outdoor Extension Cord 16:3 SJTW

Key features

  • Number of outlets: 1
  • Voltage: 125 volts
  • Amperage: 13 Amps
  • Wattage: 1625 Watts
  • Cord length: 12ft
  • Wire Gauge: 16

This light color extension cord seamlessly blends in all backgrounds and with its durable and sturdy finish, it might be an excellent option for an air conditioner.

Durable and Sturdy

To keep the cord flexible, it comes with reinforced blades that protect the prongs from accidental breaking or bending. Also, the Nickel-coated brass blades won’t corrode for years to come which helps prevent arcing. The SJTW wire also remains flexible from -40°F temperature to up to +140°F.

3-Prong Grounded Plug

The white-colored extension cord comes with a 3-prong grounded plug and connector to provide additional safety. It keeps your air conditioner harmless from sudden power changes.

The general purpose indoor/outdoor extension cord is water and weather-resistant and also flame retardant. It can be used both indoor and outdoor for holiday lights or yard decorations.  


  • Durable and reliable
  • High-temperature flexibility
  • 3-prong grounded plug


  • Wire width is less as compared to others

4. Xtricity Air Conditioner and Appliance Extension Cord

6 FT Heavy Duty Air Conditioner and Appliance Extension Cord

Key features

  • Number of outlets: 1
  • Voltage: 125 volts
  • Amperage: 15 Amps
  • Wattage: 1875 Watts
  • Cord length: 6ft
  • Wire Gauge: 14

This is another heavy-duty extension cord for air conditioner and refrigerator with a significant power rating. Its 6ft length provides the flexibility of extension if the major electronic appliance is situated even at a short distance.

Space Saving Flat Plug

The extension cable comes with a flat plug which saves space and is highly useable even in tight spaces. It allows you to place furniture and other appliances close to the wall. The cord includes a 3-prong plug and a grounded outlet.

Safe and Reliable

This cord is also ETL certified which indicates that it is safe and reliable to use. Moreover, its sturdy vinyl coating layer provides strong protection against moisture, abrasion, and chemicals. So, it can be used both indoor and outdoor as well.


  • ETL listed safe and reliable
  • Includes vinyl coating for greater strength
  • Flat plug saves space
  • Good value for the price


  • Isn’t completely waterproof

5. Unvert USA Heavy Duty Extension Cord

Heavy Duty Extension Cord Wire Gray for Air Conditioner Refrigerator and Major Appliances Indoor and Outdoor Use 9 Feet Grey 3 Pronged Cord

Key features

  • Number of outlets: 1
  • Voltage: 125 volts
  • Amperage: 15 Amps
  • Wattage: 1875 Watts
  • Cord length: 9ft
  • Wire Gauge: 14

If you’re looking for an extension cord that can be used in tight spaces, Unvert USA Heavy Duty Extension Cord can be a great option.

Heavy-Duty vinyl Insulation

The heavy-duty extension cord has vinyl insulation so that the cable is protected against moisture, abrasion, or exposure to heat.

Angle Plug

The extension cord comes with an angled plug to remain flush to the wall even in tight spaces. Apart from that, it includes grip grooves that allow you for an easy connection and disconnection of the cord.

The cable is also weatherproof, UL listed and has a high power rating that would make this cord preferable for you.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Weatherproof and UL listed
  • Comes with angled plug and grip grooves


  • Lifetime is shorter than others on the list

6. Pizety Heavy Duty Extension Cord

50 ft 10 Gauge Heavy Duty Indoor Outdoor Extension Cord 125 Volt

Key features

  • Number of outlets: 1
  • Voltage: 125 volts
  • Amperage: 15 Amps
  • Wattage: 1875 Watts
  • Cord length: 50ft
  • Wire Gauge: 10

This is another high-quality UL-listed 10-gauge extension cord for air conditioners and other major electrical appliances.

Heavy-duty Usage

The extension cord is made of 10-gauge genuine copper wire and it is capable to handle a large amount of electricity with great width of the wire. The cable is also flame resistant with its heavy-duty outdoor jacket that covers the wires. Also, the protective layer adds protection against water, heat and, moisture.

Highly Visible

The cord is highly visible because it comes in neon colors for easy recognition. It even can be easily identified in a dark environment. The commercial extension cord also includes a three-prong grounded connection so that it can be always connected to the ground for the best safety measure.

Apart from the heavy-duty usage as the most prominent feature of the extension cable, it is quite long. The window air conditioner with extra long cord is almost 50ft long which should be more than enough to connect your air conditioner to the main power source even if it is far away. Again, you can use the cord outdoor as well in any season of the year.


  • Sturdy and waterproof
  • UL listed
  • The great width of the wire
  • High visibility


  • Voltage drop occurs due to the long cord length

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What kind of extension cord can I use for an air conditioner?

When choosing an extension cord for an air conditioner, you should find a thick cable that is at least 14-gauge. Remember that an air conditioner draws maximum current while starting. The cord should be able to handle that amount of electricity. To prevent voltage drop, I recommend using a 12-gauge cord.

2. Can you plug an air conditioner into an extension cord?

Yes, you can.

Many manufacturers advise not to use an extension cord for their air conditioners. However, there’re heavy-duty cords with lower gauges and higher amp ratings specially designed for major appliances such as air conditioners. I’ve already put some of those on my list above. 

3. What is a heavy-duty extension cord?

Heavy-duty extension cords are capable to handle 12 to 15 amps of power for handling major electrical appliances. They include a three-prong grounded wire to stay grounded always. The heavy-duty cords are durable and highly insulated.


So, that’s all for now!

Based on my research, I found POWTECH Heavy-duty Extension Cord as the best extension cord for air conditioner. You can choose any of the products discussed above based on your requirements as any of them is capable to handle the heavy load for major electrical appliances. Hope this article helps you. If so, don’t forget to share with your friends. Thank you.

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