Looking for an empty outlet can be frustrating, especially when you have multiple laptops and computers to power up at the same time. Sadly enough, our smartphones have a bad reputation for draining their batteries in a flash.

We can’t stay hooked to a wall socket because more devices than ever need a recharge. We want extension cords, probably better phones as well, but most importantly, we need the best power strip with USB to keep our gadgets ready for action.

A power strip extends the number of outlets so that you can recharge or power up several devices at once. We’re talking about Bluetooth speakers, Macbooks, printers, coffee makers, ovens, and more. We have a list of reliable power strips to make your life easier.


10 Best Power Strip with USB Reviews

Power strips and surge protectors protect your big-budget devices from voltage spikes and destructive factors alike. Have a look at our top 10 list to get yours!

1. Bototek Power Strip with USB Ports

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to mount the power strip to walls and baseboards with self-tapping screws
  • 1382°F heat protection
  • 100% copper wire on the 6-feet power cord for fast charging
  • 2100 Joules overcurrent, overload, lightning, and short-circuit protection
  • 4 USB ports and 10 AC outlets

Voltage spikes can ruin your expensive electronics like nothing else. Especially when you’re a tech geek, you must have a lot of gadgets that need frequent recharging. The Bototek power strip comes with superior overload protection- keeping your appliances safe from internal spikes, fluctuations, and so on.

For starters, you get a heavy-duty 6-feet cord with the power strip. It features a reliable heat-dissipation technology to protect the sophisticated circuitry safe from harm. Its internal copper wire is of the highest quality. Let’s not forget about the automatic shut-off design that goes the extra mile for protecting your valuable electronic appliances. On top of that, the Bototek power strip also offers premium overcurrent and overload protection along with short-circuiting protection.

Its flame-resistant casing gives you peace of mind as well. There’s a 2-inch gap between the outlets for accommodating huge power adapters. The integrated circuit-breaker performs outstandingly well during fluctuations. Its 4 USB charging ports will provide a maximum shared output of 3.4 amps. You get 2.4 amps per port at max; so, it’s very easy to power up all kinds of household appliances. Thanks to their SmartIQ tech, the USB ports identify the required power of any plugged-in appliance and deliver a high-speed charging facility to all your devices.

2. Anker PowerPort Cube USB Power Strip

Highlighted Features

  • PowerIQ technology cuts down charging time up to an hour
  • 3 USB ports and 3 AC outlets
  • Doesn’t support Quick Charge
  • Maximum 12W output per USB port

If you’re not a big fan of those oversized power strips, you will find the Anker PowerPort a smart choice for your minimalistic home. Anker wrapped up this high-quality charging hub in less than 2.5 cubic inches. It’s also a very good power strip for travel.

The PowerPort boasts an innovative, dice-shaped design. Its 3 USB ports and 3 AC outlets are enough for powering up everything in your packed home theatre. You get a maximum output of 18W from its USB ports and 1250W from the regular AC outlets. Anker’s infallible PowerIQ technology will help you recharge your USB devices faster in a shorter amount of time.

For example, it takes a basic stock charger for more than 3 hours to fully recharge an iPhone 11. The PowerPort brings it down to only 2.2 hours. The same goes for all your appliances. For a power strip the size of a tennis ball, Anker wowed us with the PowerPort. You can stay worry-free when you plug in different devices. But be careful not to exceed the said limits.

3. POWERIVER Power Strip and Surge Protector

Highlighted Features

  • 5 fast USB charging ports with 6.8A shared circuitry
  • 12 AC outlets
  • Fire-resistant shell and multi-level, 2100J surge protection
  • 6-feet power cord with a cable tie

Featuring 5 fast USB ports and 12 AC outlets, the POWERIVER power strip makes simultaneously charging your electronics a lot faster and easier. It has a 3-step surge protector so that you don’t worry about frying circuits ever again.

The power strip comes with innovative smart-charging technology. It automatically detects the connected device’s needs and provides the best charging speed up to 2.4 amps. You get a maximum of 2.4A on each port. All the AC outlets are vertically laid-out in pairs on their two sides. They are evenly-spaced so that jumbo plugs don’t bump into each other. The 5 USB fast charging ports are parallel along the width. They share a 6.8A circuit. You can comfortably charge an iPad, netbook, and power bank.

We also liked that the POWERIVER power strip offers a striking 2100 Joules energy-absorbing threshold. It is an excellent rating when you consider its robust circuitry.

Speaking of the power strip’s circuit, POWERIVER left no table unturned to protect your precious appliances. It is the best surge protector with USB that is made of a fireproof shell to withstand fire damage. It comes with three mounting holes for versatile, overhead mounting, and other settings. A powerful gas discharge tube (GDP), transient voltage clamp (TVC), and finally, a metal oxide varistor (MOV) make up its all-around surge protector capacity.

4. TESSAN Power Strip with USB

Highlighted Features

  • Maximum 2.4A per USB port
  • 3 USB ports and 4 AC outlets
  • Rubberized bottom for a strong grip
  • 5-feet extension cord with mounting holes
  • 45°-angled plug with a space-saving design

Be it bulky power adapters or iPhone chargers; the Tessan power strip comes with 4 generously-spaced outlets in a flat panel. Its sleek body makes it a great choice for a desktop power strip without taking up a big chunk of space.

Its reliable technology offers unmatched protection against the most common yet serious electrical problems. We’re talking about voltage spikes, overcurrent, short circuit, over-temperature, overload, and power fluctuations. Its multi-level safety design makes it a smart buy for taking the Tessan power strip to your office, hotel, and cruise ship.

A generous amount of space is left between the AC outlets. This way, you can easily access all 4 of the outlets at a time. The 3 USB ports are located on one side of the power strip. They’re on a different plane from the 4 outlets so that you can avoid a mess in your home. And the fact that it’s so flat makes it a suitable power strip for small spaces and corners.

The power strip is only 3.9 inches in length and width. It keeps a low profile while giving you ample opportunity to power up and recharge 7 devices simultaneously. We found its overload protection to be very much on-point. It shuts off the charging facility as soon as there is a voltage surge. However, you might find the 5 feet power cord a bit shorter than the usual.

5. POWRUI USB Wall Charger and Surge Protector

Highlighted Features

  • ETL certified
  • Thermal fused, Safety Shutdown system
  • 1875 Maximum power rating
  • 6 AC outlets and 2 smart USB ports

Just when you thought power strips couldn’t get any smarter, just one look at the POWRUI USB wall charger will surely change your mind! It flaunts an outstanding wall-mount design that keeps all the cluttered cables in check.

The POWRUI wall-mount power strip features 6 wide-spaced AC outlets and 2 smart USB ports in a cool casing. It takes a similar amount of space as a standard socket. If you have an elegant home interior, you’re going to need this wall charger other than a messy floor mount power strip. It also comes with a stunning LED night light that casts a soft glow on your appliances. Besides, its dusk-to-dawn sensor turns on the light on its own. You can turn on the LED light with the touch of your fingertip and adjust the brightness up to three levels.

The POWRUI power strip is not just about the show. You’ll be getting a top-notch surge protector circuit. It features a TVS, MOV, and GDT for quickly responding to voltage spikes at any time of the day. Its energy-absorbing quality is not the best but it sure can handle multiple surges. We’ve seen better than its 1680-Joule surge protection, but its mounting benefits cross out everything else.

6. SUPERDANNY USB Surge Protector

Highlighted Features

  • One-piece, copper strip for higher conductivity
  • Average 900-Joule surge protection
  • An excellent UL94, V-0 fireproof level
  • Comes with a cable tie

If you want to keep your expensive gadgets safe and sound, consider the Superdanny USB surge protector your new best friend. Its ABS plastic casing is rated UL94 V-0; it’s the highest any PC fire retardant material can get!

To begin with, its single piece copper conductor exceeded our expectations. It had great conductivity and heat dissipation even when all 8 of the ports were being used. On the flip side, its 900-Joule surge protection falls way behind compared to the alternative power strips in the same price range. Moving on to the outlets and ports, its 3 USB charging ports come with the fast charging option. They deliver a maximum of 2.4 amps to each port. Their smart identification technique instantly detects the requirements of the plugged-in device. After that, the USB port automatically adjusts the voltage to the optimum charging level of each appliance.

The Superdanny power strip might not be able to withstand all the damages of a serious power surge. But the UL-standard extension cord and the remarkable 1382°F overheat protection covers all the bases for now.   Since it checks all the boxes of your power solutions, we say that you go for it!

7. AHRISE Power Strip with Extension Cord

Highlighted Features

  • 4 Smart USB ports and 2 AC outlets
  • 5-feet extension cord
  • Doesn’t include a surge protector
  • Max 5-Volt/3-Amp per USB port

Smartphones that support fast-charging technology are quite slow to recharge when you plug them in a normal port. Keeping that in mind, the AHRISE power strip offers you 4 Smart USB ports in a sleek and compact casing.

The fact that it is made of high-quality flame retardant material makes it a good choice for office and commercial spaces alike. This 3-outlet desktop power strip charges your laptop, MacBook, Galaxy pad, Kindle, and many of the common household appliances brilliantly. Even when you’re off on a luxurious vacation on a cruise ship, this small power strip is the easiest to pack.

Some cruise ships do not allow power strips with surge protectors. In that case, the AHRISE power strip is the one you should go for. Its 100% copper wire and good insulation jackets on the top make sure that you’re safe as well as your devices are getting charged to their max potential. The fast USB ports share the same circuit with 3.4 amps total.

Any of the ports can drive up the charging speed up to 2.4 amps when it’s required. A shared circuitry often puts multiple plugged-in devices on a race to charge at their optimum speeds. The good news is- you can simultaneously charge three iPhones in two hours and 4 cellphones in 4 hours on this high-speed power strip by AHRISE.

8. Cable Matters 2-Pack Surge Protectors

Highlighted Features

  • Made of the good fire-retardant materials
  • A whopping 8-feet long power cord with a 15 amp rating
  • 2 USB 2.1A charging ports and 6 AC outlets
  • 300 Joule surge protection

If you’re looking for ways to declutter your home, get this pack of 2 surge protectors right now. Cable Matters offers you a reasonable solution to your charging issues at home and the office.

What we liked about the Cable Matters surge protectors is its one well-spaced AC outlet for adapters. The rest of the 6 outlets are spaced decently; only enough to receive regular-sized charger plugs. Two USB charging ports are placed at one end of the power strip. This way, you can access them easily without running over the outlets. Its 300 Joule surge protection is pretty decent considering the price.

The Cable Matters surge protector comes with an on/off switch to save your electricity bill on vampire load. You can turn off power to all connected appliances with a push of this button.

Its 8-feet long extension cord is one of the longest cords we’ve seen on a regular power strip. Moreover, its 15A/ 1875W rating is quite impressive, considering that you get 14 AWG braided wires and a molded, strain-relief design on the plug.

9. Gosund Smart Outlet

Highlighted Features

  • Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice control with Wi-Fi
  • The timer allows you to schedule on and off controls
  • Remote control via the Gosund app
  • 3 Always-On plugs 3 Smart Control plugs and 3 Smart USB ports

A smart wall outlet is your next step forward to a modern home. It makes your work much easier and oversees power consumption for a well-planned and safe circuitry. That is why, when it comes to choosing the best smart outlet for home, we’re going to pick the Gosund smart outlet without a second thought.

The best thing about smart outlets is that they are Wi-Fi enabled devices. Similarly, this one by Gosund can be accessed by the Gosund app remotely from your phone. No matter where you are, you can always control the plugged-in devices, turn them on and off as you please. There is also a timer option for 3 of the ports. Want to get home to a cup of coffee and an air-conditioned room? Simply turn the AC and the coffee maker via the Gosund app.

We found its controls very easy to follow. The fact that it’s compatible with Google Home and Alexa had us sold on this smart outlet the moment we knew about it. Regular smart-charging USB ports and AC outlets can do so much more when they’re on a smart outlet. Gosund has 3 Always-On plugs, and 3 Smart Control plugs alongside 3 Smart USB ports. It’s truly the whole package for a wall outlet extension.

10. Yintar Power Strip

Highlighted Features

  • Versatile mounting options
  • Effective 3-step 2100-Joule surge protection
  • 4 USB ports and 10 AC outlets
  • ETL certified, 8 feet power cord

Yintar made this top-of-the-line power strip with a surge protector to help with the cable clutter on your floors. It features 10 AC outlets and 4 USB ports to keep your appliances organized and recharged.

If there are frequent voltage spikes or power surges in your area, its 2100-Joule overload protection is a good precaution you can take. It might be the only thing that saves expensive appliances from frying completely. Also, the Yintar power strip includes a right-angled, flat-prong power cord that runs 8 feet long.

The 3.4A shared USB ports will let your family charge all their phones and iPads at a good speed. Most people are scared to plug in these many devices in the fear of surge damage.

The good news is- Yintar power strip comes with TVS. When a power surge takes place, the TVS responds in 1 nanosecond and suppresses the excess voltage to safe levels once again. MOV and GDT instantly turn on the circuit breaker to protect your appliances.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Power strips and surge protectors aren’t expensive gadgets. But you’ll be plugging in devices worth thousands of dollars. So, you should know about all the specs that make a great power strip. Many dated ones don’t support fast charging. Besides, smart USB power strips with Wi-Fi are the trend right now. So, how do you know what power strip is suitable for you? Have a look at our in-depth buying guide below to know more!

Number of Outlets

The first thing you’ll have to decide is how many outlets you need on your new power strip. There are wall-mount power strips without an extension cord and bar-shaped power strips with extension cords. If you’re living in a dorm, then a lot of people will be using a single outlet for charging phones, speakers, and laptops.

In that case, you can seriously consider the POWERIVER power strip. It comes with 5 fast USB charging ports with 6.8A shared circuitry and 12, well-spaced AC outlets for covering all the bases. However, if you’re looking for a decent one for home use, you can give the Cable Matters surge protector a try. It includes 2 USB ports and 6 AC outlets.

Fast Charging Ports

Quick Charge or fast charge technology can deliver 12 watts and 2 amps to the supported devices. It has the potential to charge your smartphone about 4 times faster than before. The best part about fast charging is that your old phone chargers and power strips are still suitable for powering up these modern electronics. But they won’t be able to charge them up at max speed. That is why getting a fast-charge USB power strip will improve your device’s health and charge it up at its optimum speed.

While 5-Volt and 2-amps mark the basic “fast-charging” parameters, there are high-speed power strips that provide up to 2.4 amps per USB port. For example, the Bototek power strip offers a maximum of 2.4A per port. But then again, it’s shared 3.4A output will be distributed among the 4 USB ports. So, if you simultaneously charge multiple USB devices, it’s not possible to charge them all with brilliant speeds.

However, the 5 USB fast charging ports on the POWERIVER power strip share 6.8 amps- a generous level of output for comfortably charging a couple of iPhones at max speeds. It can bring down the charting time by an hour as well.

Surge Protection

Most high-capacity power strips will come with an advanced surge protection technology. If your devices are high-tech and sophisticated, you should consider a full-fledged surge protector instead of a power strip. We recommend the ETL-certified Yintar power strip, which offers 2100-Joule surge protection. POWRUI wall-mount power strip is a cool alternative as well. If you’re located in an area where electrical mishaps are a rarity, these surge protectors might save you thousands of bucks.

Reliable surge protectors will offer safety on three levels for the best protection. For starters, you get a transient voltage suppressor (TVS). It tackles the first damage of a power surge by bringing the increased voltage down to a safe level. After that, a metal oxide varistor (MOV) absorbs that energy and passes it to the gas discharge tube (GDT). This tube then grounds the surge voltage and trips off the circuit breaker to disconnect all the devices from further harm. All 3 of these processes are done in the matter of a second or even less.

Extension Cord Size

The reason why the extension cord’s size and quality matters are because it delivers current to the outlets and decides your mobility with the charging electronics. If you want to browse your laptop while it’s on charge and your table is too far away, neither a wall-mount outlet nor a power strip with a short power cord will be useful.

That is why a power strip with good cords is always a smart decision. You also have to keep in mind that the longer the extension cord runs, the lesser voltage output you get on each outlet. Get a power strip that comes with a 100% pure, one-piece copper conductor for the best performance. The Superdanny surge protector is an excellent example. It’s also rated at the highest fireproof level- UL94, V-0.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the difference between a surge protector and a power strip?

Ans: A power strip extends the number of accessible outlets and gives you the option to recharge a lot of devices at a time. On the other hand, surge protectors offer a multi-level safety mechanism for keeping your electrical equipment safe from overload, voltage spikes, overcurrent, internal power surge, and many other damaging factors.

2. What is a power conditioner?

Ans: A power conditioner filters out the internal spike, AC noise, and fluctuation in the voltage. It helps your delicate electronic equipment receive cleaner electricity, which improves the charging performance a great deal. However, modern devices come with a built-in power conditioner, so you might not need it for charging phones, tablets, and laptops.

3. How many amps do I need on a regular power strip?

Ans: If you don’t want to fry the circuits, get a 15-amp power strip for charging your devices. It is enough for multiple phones and laptops. For a 120V rated power strip, 15×120 watts or 1800-watts is the highest load before the internal circuit-breaker trips. TV, external speakers, or regular home theater equipment will easily run on a 20-amp power strip.

4. Which electronics are unsafe for power strips?

Ans: You should always check your power strip’s maximum voltage and output before plugging in huge appliances such as a washing machine, refrigerator, and air cooler. If the required voltage of these appliances exceeds the power strip’s limits, it can damage the circuitry and cause overheating.

5. How do I reduce standby power usage at home?

Ans: After your device is fully charged, you should always remove it from the charger. Otherwise, you would still be consuming a small amount of unwanted electricity. Then there is the topic of vampire draw. It’s the amount of electricity your devices waste when they are simply plugged-in. Turning off the main wall outlet switch should stop it. But switching off individual outlets on the power strip might not be as effective.

Final words

Power strips are like homes to all the electronics you hold dear. They recharge USB devices at their optimum pace while keeping them safe from spikes and surges. We hope that our reviews helped you select the best power strip with USB  for your home!